No Matter How I Look at It It’s YOUR Fault You’re Not Popular (Watamote Anime Review)

WARNING SPOILERS! Genre: Slice of Life, Black Comedy, Cringe Comedy  Rating: PG 13 Studio: Silver Link Episodes: 12 Original run: 9th July - 24th September 2013 Available on: Crunchyroll, DVD Release Languages Available: Japanese, English Subtitles Available: English Manga Available? Yes Overview: Tomoko Kuroki is fresh into high school and thinks she can become popular... Continue Reading →


This or That Tag

I love getting tagged in things. Tags are so much fun and I hadn't seen this one before up until the lovely All About Anime and Manga tagged me! Thank you so much for the tag! If you haven't checked out their blog already then I suggest you get your butt over there (after you... Continue Reading →

All Good Comedy Anime Must Come to an End (Sket Dance Anime Review)

WARNING SPOILERS! Genre: Comedy, School, Shounen Rating: PG 13 Studio: Tatsunoko Production Episodes: 77 Original run: April 7th 2011 - September 27th 2012 Available on: Crunchyroll Languages Available: Japanese Subtitles Available: Japanese, English Manga Available: Yes Overview: Kaimei High School has a support club named Sket Dan. SKET stands for Support, Kindness, Encouragement and Troubleshoot.... Continue Reading →

3 Quotes 3 Days: Day 3

It's the third and final day of this challenge and I have really enjoyed thinking about and coming up with these posts and talking about quotes I like! A quick refresher on the rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you a third and final time CactusMatt and Chizurue!! Post a quote for 3... Continue Reading →

3 Quotes 3 Days: Day 2

It's the second day of the 3 Quotes 3 Days challenge! First up a refresher on the rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you once again CactusMatt and Chizurue you amazing people! Post a quote for 3 consecutive days (1 quote for each day, can be a super short post). Nominate three new... Continue Reading →

3 Quotes 3 Days: Day 1

I was nominated to do this tag quite a while ago now and I'm sorry it's taken me this long to finally get around to doing it but nevertheless here it is! The 3 quotes 3 days challenge! I was tagged by the awesome CactusMatt and Chizurue! Thank you both of you for tagging me... Continue Reading →

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