Besides the horrendous amount of gaming and Halloween mix’s I have been listening on YouTube over the past month (it’s the only way I can enjoy music and work at the same time) I have made a few discoveries that I thought I would share. I am hoping to make this a monthly segment on my blog encouraging me to listen to new artists each month and share them with you guys!



Credit to photographer David Yang

I actually discovered S3RL (pronounced Serl)  through listening to too many gaming mix’s and I ended up clicking on a mix someone had created of his tracks.  I was NOT disappointed! In fact it is all I have been listening to lately!

S3RL is an Australian DJ and record producer who creates “UK hardcore” and “happy hardcore” music. To anyone who hasn’t heard of these genres before they are types of dance music originating from genres such as trance, hardcore and bouncy techno. The tracks I have heard so far include a lot of anime, gaming and general pop culture references. Everything from the hypnotoad from Futurama to someone saying “anime seems kind of pervy right?” can be heard in his music and is something I find hilarious as I can appreciate the references and humour of it. S3RL’s music is honestly just so much fun and puts me in a good mood whenever I listen to it (hence the name happy hardcore). I don’t know why but his music and his music videos scream the word “meme” at me and I can’t get enough it! Some of my favourite songs include “Misleading Title” and “Well, That was Awkward”.

I highly recommend this DJ to anyone who enjoys genres such as dance, trance and techno and can appreciate anime, gaming and pop culture references!

Uchiage Hanabi by DAOKO x Kenshi Yonezu 


Photo sourced from google

I have been OBSESSED with this song during the month of October! I technically discovered this song in September and didn’t find out it was the theme to the anime movie Uchiage Hanabi until later on. I made this discovery in Japan as a lot of stores and even some restaurants I visited played this track quite often and I fell in love with it. I loved it so much I made it my mission to find out what it was when I got home from my trip and somehow I managed to find it on a random website with Japan’s pop charts for the month. This song is quite different to what I normally listen to. It is a very soothing and I feel rather emotional sounding song that really hits me hard. Honestly it makes me want to cry (in a good way) as it reminds me of my trip to Japan and surfaces a lot of good memories! All in all it is a truly beautiful song that I think anyone and everyone could appreciate no matter their music taste! Definitely give it a listen!



Photo sourced from Google

DOLL$BOXX are another group that I discovered on a whim during October. I stumbled across these lovely ladies in my recommendations on YouTube and I proceeded to watch all of the their music videos until I could find no more.

DOLL$BOXX are an all girl Japanese hard rock band that formed in 2012 that were a side project for members of the band Gacharic Spin. When researching this group I have found that they only have one album out titled Doll’s Apartment which was released back in 2012 but I was pleased to find out they are releasing a new album this month! The first song I checked out was “Take My Chance” and what intrigued me was their music video as they seemed to be making fun of idol culture in the video and I enjoyed the contrast of them dressed all idol like and cute and then other shots they were dressed more rock like and had more attitude. Some of my favourite songs include “KARAKURI TOWN”, “Take My Chance” and “monopoly”.

I have really struggled to find this bands album anywhere so I recommend giving them a listen on YouTube if you are outside of Japan! If you are a fan of hard rock, heavy metal and girls kicking butt then definitely check out this band!






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