I have been considering this post for a while as I thought it would be a bit of fun and it gives me the perfect opportunity to talk about some of my favourite anime characters. I tweeted about this blog post idea of Twitter (Follow Me because I have to get those shameless plugs in anywhere I can) and everyone that responded said they would love to hear about it. Disclaimer before I begin. Yes I am aware that these are fictional animated characters. No they are not realistic and no I would probably not go for most of these characteristics in real life but guess what its anime! It’s not real so it’s ok. So leave me and my crazy fantasies alone! I’m not hurting anyone!

Anyway I present to you my Top 10 Anime Husbandos:

10.Greed the Avaricious from Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood


My love of Greed (wow that sounds really bad out of context) is kind of confusing. So I’m not referring to the first Greed that we meet in FMAB I’m referring to the second reborn version of him that takes over and shares Ling Yao’s body. So technically I’m physically attracted to Ling Yao with his eyes open but I’m attracted to Greed’s personality? Yeah I think that is the logic here! Basically Greed is hot and when he takes over Ling’s body he almost looks like another person (sort of but not really). Agh screw it if you want to understand go watch the goddamn anime!


One thing I love about him (besides his face and his evil smile that he is so often depicted having) is his character development. I LOVE his character development! I love how he starts off as this greedy villain who wants everything along with the rest of the homunculi and his character slowly develops into one of the good guys over time as he realises what utter douchebags his “family” and “father” are (I mean they burned the first version of him to death in lava for Christ sake of course that’d change his tune). He is my absolute favourites in the series (besides Al) as I love to see his character grow over the course of the anime! Also what happened to him at the end still hurts my heart!

9. Hotaro Oreki from Hyouka

Out of all my husbandos Hotaro is definitely the most chilled one. I have always loved Hotaro’s character ever since I first started watching Hyouka as he is super cute, super intelligent and looks super done with everyone 99% of the time! That last point is very relatable honestly.


His can’t be bothered attitude along with the fact that he always ends up doing whatever Chitanda and the Classic Lit club want is what I love about him. I’m not sure why but I think it’s because I feel I often have that sort of attitude in life so I feel for him. I love his intelligence as he can think his way into solving almost any mystery and his brains are something I admire. Also when he does manage to crack a smile or tell a joke it makes that moment even better as it is a rare and special moment with him.

8. Sekizan Takuya from All Out!!

Sekizan is definitely one of the more unusual husbandos for me personally. I do in no means say that in a bad way I love him to bits but he isn’t my usual type. I remember when I first started All Out and saw him for the first time and I was sat there with my jaw open like “holy cow he is huge…and kind of terrifying”. This was quickly put to rest as his rather large exterior contains a total sweetheart. The reason I say he is so different for me is because on the whole I go for the slender, tall types (usually with blonde or black hair and glasses) and Sekizan well…he’s tall but doesn’t fit into any of the other categories. I think one of the things that sold it for me was when you see him as a freshman in High school and you see him get all embarrassed and start blushing. Like how many muscular captains of rugby teams do you know that blush?! It’s flipping adorable! I also love his passion for his team and as a captain he puts his heart and soul into his playing and his teammates.

He looks like a princess being carried away on to his honeymoon! I still can’t get over how this is a legitimate scene in the anime!

7. Worick Arcangelo from Gangsta

Worick is another unusual husbando for me. I mean he is a one eyed male prostitute who also deals in killing as a side job…ok can someone please tell me what is wrong with my brain?! But there is just something about him that I’m so attracted to! He is all rough around the edges and I like that. I think also he has long blonde hair and he ties it up in ponytails and it looks really handsome. But honestly I just love his character! His personality, his mannerism and his humour just really appeal to me (also his English voice actor Ian Sinclair has a REALLY nice voice so there’s that too). Ultimately he is a total badass.


6. Sakata Gintoki from Gintama


Not only is Gintoki one of my all time favourite main characters but he also happens to fit nicely into my husbando list. The naturally wavy haired, sweet loving samurai definitely has a place in my heart.


The reason I love Gintoki so much is because he can be this beautiful silver haired badass samurai who can destroy his enemies when the situation calls for it but he is also often stupid, lazy, funny and often pretty vulgar. I notice with a lot of my favourite male characters that they are never (usually) this perfect, always beautiful bishonen boy that is there to sweep you off your feet. Nope I go for the idiots! They are always the most fun ones! Gintoki is a perfect example of that and his sarcastic tone, crazy facial expressions and his business (Yorozuya Gin-chan) of doing basically whatever someone will pay him  for whether that be helping to find a lost loved one or removing a wasps next makes me love him even more!

5. Shinomiya Natsuki from Uta No Prince-Sama

Ok so take everything I just said about Gintoki and scrap it. I love me some beautiful bishonen idols boys! That’s right this metal head has her very own idol husband (14 emo me would be very disappointed if she knew). The adorable Natsuki with his love of everything and anything cute makes my heart melt. I was sold on Natsuki as soon as I saw him. A combination of blonde hair, glasses, being really tall and loving all things cute definitely attracted me as soon as I started Uta Pri. Then the whole whole Satsuki thing came along and sealed the deal for me (he is hot when he is angry ok don’t judge me).

Look at this angry bean! How can you not love multiple personalities when it comes to Natsuki?

4. Tetsurou Kuroo from Haikyuu!!

Of course I had to sneak in a Haikyuu boy why wouldn’t I? Everyone’s favourite neko captain had to make it into my list as he has always been one of my favourite characters in Haikyuu (honestly I love the captains they are all amazing in that show) as I love both his personality and his face! One of the more “normal” (for a better word) husbandos in my list Kuroo has always been a favourite of mine. His hair, his smirk, that one laugh (we all know the one). I love it all!


One of my favourite things about Kuroo is like Sekizan he is a talented captain who cares. Not only does he care and look out for his own team Nekoma but also the other teams like Karasuno. The fact that he will go out of his way to help those on opposing teams during practice is admirable! It’s a part of Kuroo’s personality (as well as the actual series) that I really love and I think that aspect of him stands out. Also he can be goofy, smart and Kemna is always 99% done with him (which I love).

3. Shizuo Heiwajima from Durarara

Shizuo Heiwajima. A classic. Shizuo is one of my longest loves and his character has always been a strong favourite of mine. I have always loved both him and Izaya and their dynamic together but I have always favoured Shizuo over Izaya. I think because he has always had such a rough time with his anger and strength getting him into all kinds of unwanted trouble even though he just wants to live a peaceful life. The fact that he claims to hate violence and then proceeds to throw vending machines at people when he is mad is hilarious. Basically he needs all the cuddles because he doesn’t deserve Izaya tormenting him or random thugs coming after him because he is labelled as “the strongest guy in Ikebukuro”. Shizuo definitely earns the title of husbando anger issues and all!

shizuo 2

2. Hijikata Toushirou from Gintama

Yes that’s right everyones favourite mayonnaise loving thorny boy happens to be my second husbando. Also yes I have two Gintama guys in my list because they both deserve to be included.


I miss his other personality. It was so cute to see him act like a hopeless otaku.

I think the reason I love his character so much is due to the fact that he is a really badass looking character who is basically keeps everyone in the Shinsengumi (including the chief Kondo) in check! He has a really disciplined and cool personality which is then totally and utterly destroyed by the insanity of the show and he gets stuck in some of the most bizarre and embarrassing situations ever (which are some of the best episodes in my opinion). The fact that they take such a cool looking character like his and rip it apart is honestly what appeals to me as he isn’t constantly portrayed as some demonic, yelling vice chief constantly telling his subordinates to commit seppuku. He is also flawed with his habit of smoking, has his other personality due to a cursed sword he obtains and….mayonnaise (yeah I don’t know why either ask Sorachi Hideaki). These parts to his personality make him a fun and entertaining character to watch and you get to see sides of his character that you would miss if he was just some broody badass. As I mentioned before he gets stuck in some of the most hilarious situations including being handcuffed (both hands) to Gintoki, dresssing up as a giant bottle of mayonnaise and getting generbent into a very…plump female version of himself. All in all no matter what situation I see this mayo freak in my love for him never wavers.

Can you see why I love these two?


1. Lawless of Greed (or Hyde) from Servamp

I started this list with Greed and I’m finishing it with Greed. I have come to the conclusion and accepted the fact that Greed is my favourite sin because the anime and manga creators always seem to depict Greed as being really attractive.

I don’t know what it is with me and insane characters that are mentally imbalanced in some way but that is what I seem to go for in anime and Lawless is a perfect example of it. In a nutshell he is an insane, masochistic servant vampire who represents the sin of Greed (and has a slight tendency to murder his eves when he gets bored). Yeah I know the perfect dream boy right (yes I am aware of my weird taste).

If this doesn’t sum him and Licht up I don’t know what will.

Up until watching Servamp I always tended to dip in and out of characters like Shizuo or the other Greed but I could never decide on a number 1 until I saw this idiot prance around quoting Shakespeare and get violently kicked by his sadistic self proclaimed angel babe Licht. Lawless has a lot of the qualities and the character design I am most attracted to with anime characters including blonde hair, glasses (seriously glasses character are so hot), a very fun and over the top personality as well as a tragic as heck backstory that hurts my soul (I’m a sucker for a tragic backstory). I’m still mad with Ophelia to be honest! I love how all the different sides to his personality are put on display as it makes me empathise (and want to cuddle) with him. Everything from crazy, angry, upset, happy everything is shown making him more realistic and more human as a character instead of giving him just one anime trope and sticking to it! At the end of the day I cannot fully explain why he takes the top spot something in my brain just went “yep he’s the one”. Never the less I’m sure he’ll continue to dominate the top spot with his crazy personality and drop dead gorgeous face!


This post has made me really how much I can talk when it comes to my favourite characters (if you have made it this far then I thank you for listening to me ramble on about a bunch of fictional anime husbands). I feel like this post makes me sound crazy but I’m putting it out on the internet anyway. I have no shame! Do you have any husbandos or waifus that you love to bits? Do you share any of mine? If so let me know down in the comments below I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!

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