Yay I kept my promise of making this a monthly thing (so far)! This month I haven’t really had chance to listen to much new stuff but I have found a couple of artists I wanted to include.

The first one I wanted to include is:

Gokuraku Jodo

gokuraku jodo

Image sourced from Google images

I talked about this awesome Japanese metal band in my Ghost in the Well EP review which you can check out here. I won’t go into detail about this band as I have already talked about them in that blog post but they definitely needed a mention on my November Music Discoveries post!


Hiroyuki Sawano

hiroyuki sawano

Image sourced from Google images

Hiroyuki Sawano is a Japanese composer who has worked on and composed for movies, TV shows and anime. He has composed for anime such as Attack on Titan, Kill La Kill, Blue Exorcist and Seraph of the End. Now i’m not usually the type to sit and listen to composers work. I usually listen to a lot of bands or trance but this month I (officially) discovered Hiroyuki Sawano and his stunning collection of work. I say officially because I have already heard some of his compositions in the anime I just mentioned but I was unaware that it was he who created the scores. As soon as I found out he composed the music for anime such as these it clicked in my brain and I began to hear the similarities between the music in these shows. I have been continuously listening to playlists of his work because it is so utterly epic and beautiful to listen to. I think anyone would be able to appreciate his work whether you know the pieces or not. There were many in his collection of works that I had never heard before but still really enjoyed. I definitely recommend looking him and his work up if you haven’t already.

Apologies for this months music discoveries being so short but I have been very busy. I hope to discover even more wonderful music next month so I can share it with you all! If you haven’t already check out my October Music Discoveries here. Hope you are all having a great week!



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