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My Top 5 Anime of 2017

So I thought I would do an end of year wrap up with some of the anime I have watched this year. I had a good old think and wrote down all of the anime I have enjoyed most this year (unfortunately I have much more than 5 but writing just 5 is about all I can handle right now). This list contains both new anime that aired this year as well as anime from previous years with new seasons. I also want to give honourable mention to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon, Maid, Recovery of an MMO Junkie, The Royal Tutor and My First Girlfriend is a Gal, Blend-S and Tsuredure Children. Anyway I give you my Top 5 anime of 2017:


This is the first anime on this list that did not begin airing in 2017 but instead 2017 brought us a second season of the show in the Autumn of this year. I only really got into Osomatsu-san back in the summer right before I went to Japan (and this late decision made me miss out on enjoying the wide range of merchandise that they offer of the anime in Japan *cries at my dumb decision*). But this meant that when I got home from Japan I could binge watch season one before jumping right into season two (yay for not having to wait).

4.My Hero Academia

I couldn’t have an end of year wrap up without including this beautiful pierce of Shounen goodness in could I? While this anime did not start airing this year it did continue on with its second season back in the spring and aired for both the spring and summer seasons. I actually didn’t start this anime until about a week before season two was going to start airing (sometimes being late to the party really does work in your favour and no waiting around is needed). I had seen so much hype around the show so I finally decided to give it a go and….I loved it. It is an instant classic within the Shounen genre. It is full of diverse characters, awesome arcs and it’s just epic in general. A lot of the time second seasons tend to disappoint but I think I loved season two even more than season one as I was already familiar with the characters and the show could just dive right into the story without worrying about introductions. I cannot wait for season three which is airing next year!

3.Aho Girl

One of my favourite genres of anime to watch is comedy. I love a good comedy anime and Aho Girl was the perfect anime to satisfy my comedy cravings. This show was well…stupid. Which is basically my favourite kind of anime. The thing that attracted me most to this anime was the really stupid, humorous character was a girl which is something that I can’t say I see much in comedy anime. Usually it’s the guys who dish out the ridiculous, stupid or funny comments and actions and get their reward is getting

2.Hinako Note

What can I say? I like cute girls doing cute things…it’s cute ok don’t judge! Hinako Note aired back in the spring and was a show I always looked forward to watching each week. I don’t usually get so attached to such moe style anime but this one was different. It really struck a chord with me as all the characters were super loveable and I found the story around a theatre troop to be very interesting and different to anything else I had seen up to now. It takes the number two spot as it did leave me with a longing for more when it finished airing.


This had to take the top spot for me this year. I started watching Gintama way back in April and watched all the episodes available to me (about 330ish) in about a month because I just fell in love with the show. It made me laugh until I cried and cry out of pure sadness for the stories. This might sound kind of dumb but I feel Gintama has been a big game changer for me in terms of watching anime. It has raised my expectations with anime because of the clever writing and storytelling and now I want all shows to be as clever as this show. It’s so funny, self aware and has stories that are short, sweet and to the point. Gintama aired both back in winter 2017 and autumn 2017 and is continuing on into Winter 2018 with its final arc the Silver Soul arc *grabs a tissue while writing this*. I feel like I only just got attached to this show and it’s already ending but I still look forward to the new season to come and I throughly enjoyed the Porori-hen arc this season! I don’t think any anime will be able to fill the hole in my heart that Gintama has left there. Not only my favourite of 2017 but all one of my all time favourites!

I’m sorry this list is so short but it’s all I am able to manage right now! I hope you enjoyed reading nonetheless. What were your favourite anime of 2017? Let me know down in the comments below! Hope you are all having a great day!

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