I GOT NOMINATED FOR ANOTHER THING!! YAY! It seems I am a real neat neet (when writing the title I actually almost wrote neet instead of neat). It makes me so happy when people mention my blog because it makes me feel appreciated and loved! So I want to thank both YahariBento and ItsAnAnimeThing, you guys are both so lovely and wonderful (also I’m sorry it’s late but life has just been getting in the way like life does).


Alright so first up is the rules:

  • Display the award logo
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you
  • Nominate 5-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions.

First up is YahariBento‘s amazing questions:

1 When a zombie is ringing a bell in front of your house, what should you do? One choice only.

1 ignore?

2 chase it away. (its true self is saleman)

3 welcome them to your warm house and serve some green tea?

4 snore. (escape reality)

I think as long as they aren’t trying to eat my brain I would probably invite them in for some tea! Some tea and maybe a slice of cake I think the zombie would appreciate that! Even the undead need some love and attention!

2 If this zombie is going to attack you and you go to the kitchen, choose only one kitchen utensil that will be your weapon. (except sharp weapons, ok?)

Well I guess they didn’t like my tea and cake then did they? Talk about inconsiderate! Can I use a electric whisker? That’s not sharp is it? I think that would probably do some damage (though it might get messy…blegh).

3 And then, zombie melts after you countered back, what will you do between…

1 look for cleaner.

2 prepare dinner. (??)

Definitely look for some cleaner. I don’t want no zombie gunk in the kitchen!

4 While you are with that zombie, another family member comes back home (!!). What will you do between hide zombie behind the refrigerator or introduce it to your family?

Introduce them to my family! My family would understand if I told them! They are pretty chilled like that.

5 You notice zombie’s clothes are kinda depressing. Which clothing style is looking good to it. (Since I can’t identify the gender of this zombie either (hohoho), you can choose any women or men’s clothing.) For my opinion, it must be Lolita!!

I think I would make the zombie dress in a visual kei style as I think zombie-san would really rock that look!

6 Since this post is about real neat blog award, so zombie wants to do a cleaning job, what you will say is…

If they want to clean for me then I’m totally down for that! I would appreciate a cleaner even if they are a member of the undead. Of course they can have the job (as long as they don’t try to eat me or my family).

7 Before zombie-san will leave your house, it seems hesitate and asks you if it can stay a night with you. Its expression (??) while it’s asking is soooo adorable. But your choice is…

1 …(thumb up!!)

2 …(your head feels empty)

3 …(click remote in your hand to activate UFO above zombie, then warp it to another dimension.)

I think I would give a thumbs up to zombie-san! I have visions of them doing big undead puppy eyes and having anime blush checks and I can’t say no to that! They can sleep on the sofa but have to be respectful of us living people so no brain or flesh eating allowed! If they try any of their sneaky undead tricks then they are getting warped and aliens can deal with them!

Now for the lovely ItsAnAnimeThing‘s questions:

1.If you could travel to any fictional world, which would it be and why?

I’d love to travel to the world of Edo where all the Gintama folks live. I just think it would be fun to visit all the wacky characters and team up with yorozuya and the Shinsengumi and join them in their shenanigans.

2.What role would you play in a harem anime? (The protagonist, the tsundere, kuudere, the loli, etc.)

If reverse harems count I’d say the protagonist (I like the idea of guys fawning over me for once). If we are talking a regular harem I think I would probably be either the dandere because I’m painfully shy in real life and I cannot talk to save my life and I’m pretty asocial or the kuudere because people often thing I’m cold (because I’m quiet and shy) so I would seem quite cold and unemotional (the troubles of being the quiet kind).

3. What’s a basic tradition that you love to do on Christmas? If you don’t celebrate it, what’s a tradition you love to do on your favorite holiday?

I don’t have a super traditional Christmas honestly. My family and I are pretty chilled out around Christmas. I think our one tradition is that a giant bowl of trifle is always made (but I never eat it) and we usually get up early and open presents right away and then spend the rest of the day looking at presents and just being happy and super lazy!

4. If you could live the life of a character, who would they be? And why?

I kind of want to say Licht from Servamp because he is Lawless’s eve (and I want that job way more than Licht does). Either his life or maybe Gintoki’s (why do I always pick boys?!) because besides his really sad backstory I think he has a pretty fun life and gets to do lots of cool and fun things and go on cool adventures and on the odd occasion turns into a super badass and I’d love to be able to be that cool!

5. What’s your next vacay destination? If you don’t have one, what’s one place you would love to go to?

I have a mini vacation coming up next month. We are heading down to London for a weekend which I cannot wait for because I love visiting London when we get the chance!

6. What is your aspiration in life?

My aspiration is to (hopefully) become a successful writer of some sort. I have a few differences aspirations but I mainly want a successful and enjoyable career and a nice lifestyle what allows me to do and have nice things.

7. What song do you think deserves a Grammy?

That’s an interesting one. I listen to a lot of heavy and obscure music that will probably never get a Grammy *cries*. But I think right now I would say Uchiage Hanabi by DAOKO x Kenshi Yonezu because that song is just beautiful and I think most definitely deserves a Grammy!

So the 7 wonderful people I shall be nominating include (I’m sorry if you’re not nominated but I could only do up to 10):











My questions to you are:

1.If you could go for afternoon tea with a villain of you choice to discuss their evil plans who would you choose and why?

2.Are there any characters that you hate? You just wish they would go away because they annoy you so much!

3.What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Or if you celebrate another holiday what is it and what’s your favourite thing about it?

4.Do you have a favourite video game? It can be from recently or maybe something you played when you were younger!

5.What is one of your fondest memories?

6.Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

7.Can you speak any other languages other than your own? If so what are they?

I just want to thank YahariBento and ItsAnAnimeThing again for nominating me! I hope you guys enjoy as my questions if you do this tag (just remember you don’t have to if you don’t want to)!

Hope you are all having a great day!

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