I thought it would be fun to make a little Christmas post! I just wanted to talk a bit about Christmas and talk about a little tradition I have in terms of anime at Christmas.

Christmas is my favourite holiday of the year as it is always full of family, food (yay junk food) and presents (who doesn’t love a good present) and is a time to be happy and spend it with loved ones. Even if you don’t celebrate the holiday I think it’s just such a fun and festive time full of joy as well as lots of other festive things like colourful decorations and music.

Accurate representation of myself at Christmas.

My Christmas’s are always pretty quiet and my family and I usually open presents and then spend the day being lazy and enjoying our presents as well as each other’s company. I have developed my own little tradition of sorts ever since I got into anime. Normally I’ll get a couple of anime on DVD that I haven’t had the chance to watch yet and then spend Christmas Day or the days following watching the anime I have received. This has led me to having particular anime that I associate Christmas with. Anime such as Free Eternal Summer, Lucky Star, Noragami and even Tokyo Ghoul (yes even that heap of gore and sadness) are all associated with Christmas and cozy memories of me watching them (usually while having a Christmas Cookie candle lit and eating WAY too much chocolate) and it makes me feel really happy. I feel like this might sound like a silly thing to many people but I love it when I can attach things such as anime with special times and memories as it gives me a nice feeling when I think of them!

Anyway that is just a small tradition that I have adopted for myself as an avid anime watcher around the Christmas period! I probably won’t be on much for the next week or so and a Blend-S and a Anime Gataris review is coming (although I’m not sure when). Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful holiday regardless of what holiday you celebrate!

I hope Santa brings you guys lots of presents!

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  1. How cute! I never heard of anyone having a specific tradition regarding anime on Christmas 🤔 I kind of wish I had one, but I just started getting back to watching anime a couple months back. Ooh there should be an official anime Christmas tradition thing! (Sorry I’m rambling 😂)

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    1. Haha yeah it just kind of happened and now it’s my own little thing 😂 maybe you can find something this Christmas to make a tradition out of! Haha that would be awesome I would love that! Don’t be sorry you aren’t rambling at all!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 😄🎄

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