I discovered this amazing idea from the lovely anime YouTuber Akidearest as she made a video recently solely about this new creation in the works.

This idea is being put together by the company TokyoOtakuMode which is a company that sell all kinds of Japanese products. Everything from figures and cosplay to Japanese fashion and homeware can be found with them. Tokyo Otaku Mode also want to connect Japanese popular culture with everyone else around the globe and often help with other creators overseas on various kinds of projects.

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Otaku Coin is similar to Bit Coin but for the otaku community to help support and get more out of the anime industry. This project is supposed to be (hopefully) up and running in the summer of this year. Fans can earn fans through watching and sharing anime and even making reviews of what we watch and enjoy (this excited me very much).

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This project is to help anime fans connect, support and get more out of the anime industry and what it creates. Otaku Coin will allow anime fans to:


  • Spend coins on merchandise and at events


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As someone who LOVES collecting merchandise and collectibles this idea is honestly my idea of heaven. As we all know anime merchandise is very expensive and the idea of being able to earn and save these Otaku Coins to spend on your favourite anime merchandise sounds like a perfect idea for all of us strapped for cash anime lovers. Otaku coins could be used instead of bringing cash at places like conventions and merchandise booths and spend their coins without having to worry about carrying cash around. This idea even expands into Japan itself with the idea that we as fans could visit Japan and not have to worry about converting currency or the different exchange rates.

  • Help support new anime projects

This idea honestly just blows my mind! The idea that we in the anime, manga and gaming community can actually donate these coins directly and have a contributing factor to the industry in order to support and help create new projects is one of the coolest things I have heard of. Why? It allows us as the fans who buy, stream, play and read the content to help support a new project we feel passionate about and we could have a direct impact on helping projects get on their feet or making projects the industry had not yet considered. Another reason this could help the community and the industry is that it allows fans both inside and outside of Japan to have a say so creators can see what we want we as fans enjoy and maybe it will gives us as a community even more of what we want to see.

  • Help support creators


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Supporting creators in any kind of field is incredibly important. I think the fact that these coins can be spent to help out creators is a key idea that needs to be implemented more. I have read many times that creators such as animators in the industry are paid very poorly. Many people who work on creating anime content are often paid less than minimum wage and often work overtime. For example if you are a newly hired animator you could make around $6.50 an hour which is lower than what people who work in convenience stores make. In short they work insane hours for peanuts and have to scrap buy trying to pay for food and a place to live. Therefore the idea that we as fans can help out these key creators in the industry is a necessity because without animators we wouldn’t have all our favourite series. These otaku coins can help to give these creators  a safe and secure living situation and can therefore make better quality content for all of us to enjoy.

I’m sure there will be some kind of issue with this idea along the way but I think overall it is brilliant idea and I really hope it works out. I think the same as Akidearest in the fact that this could be a real game changer for this industry and I think if it did launch successfully it would do the otaku community and its beloved industries a world of good!

I made this post because I love and support this project and wanted to spread the word of it to those who may not have heard about it yet.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think it could benefit the industry and us as fans or not?

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All pictures are screenshots taken from Otaku Coin’s website unless stated otherwise


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  1. Great topic. I’m super interested to see how this ‘otaku coin’ thing pans out. It could be especially helpful to animation studios if it can facilitate the online purchase of merchandise — I’ve often heard that most animation studios don’t turn a profit from their projects until the DVD goes up for sale, after all, and having a crypto-currency specifically for anime and the like would certainly encourage me to buy more DVDs. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this subject.

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