I know this post is horribly late but hey better late than never right? In December I decided to finally give Spotify a go (you can follow me on there at anerdyperspective) and this excellent decision allowed me to discover a bunch of new bands and artists.

Touch My Secret

touch my secret

First up are the J-rock band Touch My Secret. I didn’t discover this band through Spotify but actually through my dad finding out that they were playing near my area and we went to see their show. I even did a review of the gig (read it here) and the band’s Twitter even thanked me for it (a real highlight of my 2017). I won’t go too much into detail about this band as I have already done that in my review but they have become one of my favourite J-rock bands. I have been listening to their 2016 album nil as well as their 2017 EP Get Your World a lot during December and January.



My second discover of the month of December is the Visual-kei band Zonbi. I discovered them through a recommendation on Spotify as I was hunting for new bands that caught my attention. Not only their music but also their look would catch anyones attention. From the information I could find it Zonbi consists of four members who began the band back in 2013. The members consist of Kanata on vocals, Shou on guitar, Aoi Midori on bass and REIKA on drums. I have been listening to their album Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru (ぼくらはみんな死んでいる) a lot in the month of December. Although I cannot tell you the names of the songs I like because my Japanese skills are lacking I can honestly say that I love their music as they have a really fun and heavy rock sound with a great image to compliment it.




sick 2 band

Another Visual-kei band which I didn’t realise until researching more about them for this post as I had only heard their music and had yet to see their look. Sick2 (pronouced six) are a really fun visual-kei band to listen to. This band has a good mix of genres within it. Some songs like Pentimento Homme have a really swung rhythm within the rock, others like CLUBSICK have a heavy rock sound with some screaming vocals thrown in occasionally. The band is generally rock based but also dabble in electronic elements as well as also having a pop rock feel that sounds as if it has come straight out of an anime opening. The band even sometimes mix traditional Japanese folk music within their rock sound which sounds beautiful and very unique. I also love Gene’s vocals as his vocals are lovely and rich to listen to. Sick2 originally formed in 2011 and there are currently 4 band members present in the band. The members currently consist of Gene on vocals, Matsuri on guitar, Takuma on bass and Hiroshi on drums. During December I spent a lot of time listening to their album ENIACMANIAC (TYPE-B) on Spotify.

sick2 album



Technically I had already heard Phaera’s music before December in various Glitch Hop compilations but I did not know the artist. Spotify allowed me to find out who exactly it was who I was hearing on some of these compilations and I have been listening to his EP titled Above The Ground. Phaera creates Glitch Hop, Dubstep and Drum and Bass tracks and from what I can gather from the information I could find is a German (I think) DJ. Above The Ground is a really fun Glitch Hop style EP which is very upbeat and fun to listen to and makes me want to dance around the room (I don’t do that of course but it makes me want to). I think Phaera’s music is a necessity for anyone who loves electronic styles of music.

Hope you are having a good day!

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