Nerdy Travels: London Day 2

We spent the 2nd day in Camden Town. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Camden it is like London’s version of Harajuku. Basically Camden is the place were the alternative scene flourishes and all your goth, punk, metal and lolita needs are met. As you walk into Camden you come across a huge row of shops with large objects attached to the shop front which is really different and spices up the street.

Camden is jam packed with all kinds of shops. Lots of different cuisine filled certain areas whilst other streets were full of goth, punk and vintage style stores. Whole stores were dedicated to brands such as New Rock and Dr Marten.

The Dr Marten’s Store had a section full of glass cases with photos, boots and other memorabilia to do with music, fashion and its involvement with Dr Martens.

The day was spent wandering and myself trying on various gothic and rockabilly style outfits to see if I could pull of the look (I found out I don’t suit frills. I look silly in frilly things). We stumbled (seriously this place is really tucked in the corner) across a huge cyber, rave, robot, alien style store called CyberDog. I have visited this store in the past but this I had a proper look around and actually bought stuff. The store is really unique as when you go in it is full of cybernetic looking mannequins. The lighting is really dark to make all the rave themed and glow in the dark outfits really stand out and you see the full effect of the neon colours and paint. They also had electronic music blasting which I loved listening to as I wandered around the store. This store if definitely worth visiting if you enjoy electronic music and its fashion.

The last store we visited (and spent a lot of time in) was Sai Sai which is a gothic, Lolita, punk and steampunk style store. It is full of all kinds of fashion including corsets. I have wanted a corset since I was about 13 but it was always a “never going to actually happen” dream that I had because the idea of actually wearing one seemed a bit daunting. But my “never going to actually happen” dream came true and I actually bought one (I’m still freaking out about it). I think the reason it’s daunting is the fact that it’s quite a grown up and rather fitting look and I’m an anime loving nerd who spends her life in graphic tees and jeans so this was a big step out of my fashion comfort zone. I definitely don’t regret buying it in fact I’m glad I finally took the plunge I just need to figure out how to put it on *starts to sweat at the thought*.

Afterwards we hunted for food and grabbed a pizza and then tried to get tickets for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child which proved unsuccessful *cries*.

Our final stop before heading back to the hotel was M&M World which is 3 massive floors full of M&M’s and M&M themed products. It’s a fun store just to wander around it and it smells really good in there as they have massive tubes full of M&M’s where you can choose whatever you want and make your own pick n mix bag.

Hope you’re having a great day!

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