Nerdy Travels: London Final Day

This was our fourth and final day in London. We stopped at Stanley Gibbons first which is a stamp collecting store. Yes, I collect stamps I’m a super nerd. Stamps are not only pretty to look at but you can get ones that have travelled around the world. They are also an investment hobby so it’s great!

We then headed to The British Museum which I have always loved and I have always loved the Ancient Egyptian section. Ever since I was a kid I thought everything to do with Ancient Egypt was cool. The Egyptian section contained lots of sculptures and well as jewellery, furniture and lots of mummies with lots of information on their day to day lives, the gods, death and their beliefs

I have always been a giant history nerd so museums always fascinate me!

After finishing in the museum we went and did the most British thing possible…eat fish and chips! I mean we were in London of course we had to get it at least once!

After that it was time to head back to pick up our bags and head back to Euston station so not much else really happened. We took the train back home and unfortunately that is where my travels end for now. I hope this has been of some interest to anyone reading and I hope to continue this series in the future!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: London Final Day

  1. Looks like you’re having an awesome time in London! 😀 I’m hoping to visit next year on my honeymoon. I’m so excited!! Your posts make me even more excited, haha. ♥

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