This post is well overdue…oopsie. I was tagged by two of my favourite bloggers who are both lovely human beings and I cannot thank you enough! I was tagged by the wonderful Its An Anime Thing back at the end of December (I’m so sorry this is late please forgive me and my lateness) and the amazing I Drink and Watch Anime a few days ago! Seriously, you guys are awesome and deserve all the awards! Thank you both so much!


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*Ahem* A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…wait wrong story (I’m sorry to those who have to put up with my humour). Anyway, the story of my blog! It’s not very extravagant really so I want to give a bit history on my anime watching first. So, I started watching anime about four years ago and never really had anyone to talk to about it. I had my parents and my best friend (I should thank them for putting up with me and my obsessions interests) but I had no other anime fans around me to rant and rave about anime with. This was often frustrating as I had a lot to say about anime such as what I loved and hated, what could have been better, what I found perfect, etc. My thoughts and ideas for anime have always just been floating around my brain not really doing anything up until I started blogging.

anime otaku

blood lad

During the summer of 2017 I was considering starting a blog and came up with the idea to do posts on my trip to Japan (which I ended up chickening out of which I’m now mad at myself about). I just couldn’t bring myself to do it out of fear. Skip to October 2017 when I started university, one of the first things they told me is “start a blog” so I gathered my courage and made one. This blog they suggested was to help with writing about music but I thought to myself that I could make more out of this. Instead of working on projects just for university I could write about one of my biggest passions. ANIME! This could be my space to express to the world what my thoughts and opinions are and I can share them with like minded people. To be honest the idea of blogging always sounded really daunting to me because I thought “I don’t have anything to write about” (turns out I do) and I had no idea there was an aniblogging community I always thought blogging was for fashion and health gurus. As soon as I started my blog I knew I could keep it up if I just wrote what I wanted and I haven looked back since! So yeah, that’s my story! I’ve loved it ever since!


Nerdy-senpai Advice (I’m sorry I’ll stop now):

1.Write what you want to write:

I think one of the best pieces of advice that I could give is just write what you want to write. Writing about the things you feel most passionate about come across much better  than something you feel half heartedly about. People can tell when you feel strongly about something and see the passion shining through. I find writing about things you feel passionate about gives you more to talk about and I think people will enjoy it more because your passion may rub off on them.

2.Don’t give up:

The other best piece of advice I could give is don’t give up. I know it’s a cliche but I think it’s important to never give up. I know how frustrating it can be sometimes if you work on posts that you are proud of and it gets little response. It can be heartbreaking if something isn’t going well or you get a negative comment because blog posts are like a piece of your heart as your passionate about them and put a lot of effort in. On the days were your feeling crummy about your blog and your skills as a blogger all I can say is those feelings will go and slowly but surely your blog will grow and your skills will continue to improve. You’ll have days where you feel great about your blog and days when you won’t but that’s ok just don’t give up on it!

I won’t be tagging anyone even though it’s say to tag 10 bloggers. This is because many bloggers have either done the tag already or have been tagged by others to do it and I know it can be amazing but sometimes overwhelming if you get tagged a lot in one go. Hope you guys don’t mind!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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