30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 3 – One of My Many Male Favourites

Day 3- Favourite Male Anime Character Ever

Today’s post is my favourite male character in anime. I don’t think this challenge understands that I have more than one favourite male character. Do you know how difficult of a decision this was for me?!

After having a long hard think as well as looking through the days to see of ways to work around my favourites I have chosen Sakata Gintoki from Gintama as my favourite male character. As I said he is one of many (too many) but Gin really is one of my absolute favourites.

Look at him! How can you not love that face…don’t answer that!

I have always loved Gintoki ever since I started Gintama. This naturally wavy haired sweet loving samurai is one of the greatest anime protagonists I have ever seen. I love his personality as he comes off as a super lazy, NEET samurai who everyone seems to have something to beat him up over but he can also be a range of others things such as a total butting kicking badass, a sweetheart who helps those who come to Yorozuya and also a great dad! I love all the Dadtoki moments with Kagura as it melts my heart. I also love how his character has been through a horrible amount of pain and trauma with the war and his sensei but he doesn’t dig all that up to put on a woe is me act. He has moved on and tries to live and enjoy life now instead of moping about the past. He can go from being super serious, blood stained man of war to a guy who dresses up in drag in order to do jobs and help people. His versatile and well rounded character really makes him both loveable and memorable.

This must seem pretty confusing if you haven’t seen Gintama….

Who is your favourite male anime character? Let me know down below!

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Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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