30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6 – Damn You Licensing Issues

Day 6- An Anime You Want To See But Haven’t Yet

The anime that is number one on my “I need to see this” list is hands down Daily Lives of High School Boys.


daily lives.gif

My kind of comedy

I cannot describe how much I want to watch this anime. It looks right up my street in terms of comedy and it’s so frustrating that I cannot watch it in the UK. I have seen a few clips and screenshots of Daily Lives of High School Boys and they have made me smile and laugh. As well as being a comedy it also stars two of my favourite seiyuus Sugita Tomokazu and Suzumura Kenichi which makes me want to watch it that much more. For the time being I’ll have to wait it out and hopefully Crunchyroll will license is for the UK and other regions at some point in the (hopefully near) future.

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35 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 6 – Damn You Licensing Issues

  1. This anime is on hold for me, but I really did have much fun with it! 😀 The eating while going to school always makes me laugh, although my favourite one is when the guy (can’t remember the name) is cutting ham! ahah

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      1. Yeah it really does 😑 it can be frustrating sometimes but I think maybe my patience will one day pay off and they’ll add the shows I can’t watch! That really sucks that you have to deal with it too 😓

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      2. Or it’ll be the day you cave and then a week later it gets a home release on the cheap :/ I’ve had that happen so many times I pulled the trigger on a super old release or import.

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      3. Yeah that’s also a possibility! I have had times where I have bought anime on DVD and then a few days later Netflix or someone adds it and I just sit there like why is my life this way…😂 I’m sure I’ll see it eventually 😑😂 I have plenty of other shows to tackle in the meantime

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