Day 10- Favourite Fighter Anime


I actually struggled with this one as I struggled trying to figure out what it meant by fighter anime. My first instinct was shounen shows but I googled fighter anime and the first thing that popped up was martial arts based anime. I haven’t really seen any fighter anime like that so I will be giving my favourite Shounen series instead (I mean it’s technically still counts since it’s shounen).

My Hero Academia is probably my favourite Shounen show (excluding Gintama as that also comes under comedy and parody). It’s one of the big mainstream shounen shows that I absolutely adore with very good reason. As someone who already loved the superhero genre in the West it makes sense that I would continue to love it if it was made in the East too.


One of the biggest areas I love about this show is the characters. You have the main character Izuku Midoriya and you get to see him as the underdog and watch his character grow and change but it doesn’t solely focus on him. There is a huge cast of characters within the show and I love seeing all of them grow and interact with each other. No one is left out in this show which I think is refreshing and doesn’t happen often in anime. The character designs in this series are also amazing. Sometimes I watch series where a lot of the characters look the same or similar and they just have different hair or eye colours. My Hero Academia however has a wide variety of character designs so much so that if you haven’t see the show you may struggle to pick out the main character just from a single glance.

494b1b54f1dd0d5125c24d648ffcba751503748432_fullThere ain’t no getting characters mixed up in this show that’s for sure

My Hero Academia also has some great battle scenes. I hate battles being dragged out for too long and I feel that this series doesn’t drag things out but juts gets on with the battle within a sensible period of time before finishing and continuing on with the story. This helps keep me interested in the show and not loose my motivation to watch it. Overall it’s one of my favourite mainstream shounen shows. I cannot wait for season 3!

What’s your favourite fighter anime?

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