Day 14- Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Rewatched It


It’s on a very rare occasion that I will rewatch anime. If I’m obsessed enough with it then I’ll rewatch the whole anime or certain episodes a bunch until I calm down about it but in my normal routine I normally keep plowing forward with watching new and unfamiliar anime as it’s a fresh experience for me. Having said that there is one in particular that has never gotten old and that’s Space Dandy baby (I’m sorry but the baby is necessary when talking about this show).


I don’t think I have watch an anime as many times as I have with Space Dandy. I think I have seen this show at least 4 or 5 times. That doesn’t sound like a lot but I rarely rewatch entire series so that’s a big number for me. Dandy just doesn’t get old for me. The reason being is that overall there is no real cohesive story it jumps from one episode to the next and you roll with whatever is thrown at you. That makes it a fun and easy watch where I don’t have to pay much attention to the plot and I can just enjoy the insanity that is unfolding before me. I can even skip episodes because they don’t connect together so I can pick and choose between what I want to watch and not have to remember a plot line. It has a great cast of characters, stupid humour and a wide range of incredible stories which just brings me joy and makes me want to rewatch it over and over again.

Here we have some great random screenshots from some of my favourite episodes:

tumblr_inline_navpt77KSo1sk6u6560338443Space Dandy 2 -10-28[2]dandy20

What’s an anime you can rewatch over and over again?

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