30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 16 – Best Visuals

Day 16- Anime with the Best Animation


Like most of these posts this one was tricky because animation is a huge part of a good anime experience for me. I like visually pleasing things. Always have, always will. I decided to go with Hyouka as best animation. I mean all of Kyoto Animation’s work is drop dead gorgeous but I decided on Hyouka because I have a soft spot for that anime.


Not only is the visual animation stunning to behold but I also love the unique art style that Kyoto Animation use for their character designs. The studio’s style is breathtaking and I can’t get enough of it.


One of the best elements of this animation style is the eyes on the characters. Not only are the eyes distinctive to Kyoto Animation’s style but they are gorgeous to look at in both shape and colour. Their eyes are just so vivid and bright. I probably spend most of my time staring in fascination at the characters eyes when watching series like Hyouka. I especially love it when Chitanda’s eyes do the thing.


The whole anime is just so satisfying to watch visually that I cannot get enough of it. They don’t have to have big fight scenes or epic cityscapes. Kyoto Animation manage to create the most amazing visuals within the most normal, everyday settings and I think that really says something about the quality of their animation.

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