30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 17 – The Mayo Prince Holds My Favour

Day 17- Favourite Supporting Male Anime Character


This post really didn’t take much thinking. It’s Hijikata Toushirou from Gintama. Yes, I know I’m annoying and you’re all probably sick of me talking about Gintama but I really like the characters from that series.


I have a soft-spot for badass idiots in anime and Hijikata definitely fits the bill. One of my favourite things about the Gintama series is that supporting characters are developed and their stories and personalities are explored. Hijikata has this cool, calm, disciplined samurai demeanour which is often destroyed by his mayonnaise and smoking addictions, Sougo constantly trying to kill him and all of the stories and mishaps that he, Yorozuya and the Shinsengumi get themselves involved in. This combination of cool and stupid makes me laugh and makes him a lovable character that I cannot get enough of.


One of my favourite scenes ever to exist

I think the best thing an anime can do for me in terms of characters is show me anything and everything it can think of because seeing different sides to a character makes me love them more than if they just stick to a character trope and never move outside of it.


Look at my little mayo boy. In my house Hijikata is actually referred to as “mayonnaise man” when I mention him to family members. I wish I was joking.


Who is your favourite supporting male anime character?

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Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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