30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 18 – I Love Cute, Creepy Witches

Day 18- Favourite Supporting Female Anime Character


I struggled to choose between my favourite female supporting characters as there are some amazing ones who I really love. I also didn’t want to be repetitive so I tried to choose someone from an anime I have yet to mention. So I decided on Sucy Manbavaran from Little Witch Academia.


While MAL list counts her as a main character I’m calling her a supporting character for this post as I personally see her more as supporting than a main character when I watched the anime. Sucy was by far my favourite character in Little Witch Academia as she has this dark, creepy aura about her and her look which resonated with me when watching the anime. She has a constant look of being done with everything on her face and when she does smile she looks like cool, creepy witch who wants to feed you poisonous mushrooms.


I love her character design and love how her school uniform is much longer than the rest of the characters as the long, flowing dress adds to her cool, creepy witch vibe. I also feel that out of the entire cast of characters she looks and behaves like a witch the most. I watched the english dub of LWA and so I also love it when she says “mushrooms” because the way she says it always amuses me.

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