30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 21 – My Favourite Goofball

Day 21- Favourite Goofy Character

When I first thought about this post I originally planned on choosing Yoshiko from Aho Girl but then I realised I had an even goofier character I could talk about, Matsuno Jyushimatsu from Osomatsu-san.


He pulls some of the best facial expressions.

I love Jyushimatsu’s character. Not only is he voiced by Daisuke Ono which in my mind makes his character even better but he adorable and like the post says, goofy! I think the thing I love most about Jyushimatsu is he behaves in such a silly and almost child like manner that it’s impossible not to smile and laugh when you see his character. Despite the Matsuno brothers all sharing the same face they each have their own distinctive personality and you can pick Jyushimatsu out a mile away from his big, goofy grin that he always has on his face. His laugh and his way of speaking is adorable and I just love how he hasn’t lost his childish side even in his twenties.


I also love it when he chants “hustle hustle, muscle muscle” in English as it really amuses me.

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