30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 23 – Mega, Ultra, Special Finger Snapping Attack

Day 23- Favourite Attack Someone Used in Anime

This one was hard, super hard. Not because I have a long list of awesome attacks that I love but because I simply have none. I cannot think anything up. Does this make me a bad anime fan? Maybe…but attacks are something I never really pay that much attention to. This could be due to the fact that I favour other genres like comedy and slice of life over shounen shows and my favourite shows never usually have a cool or special attacks.


After having pondered what to seriously (I had a joke one but let’s not be too annoying) give as my favourite attack I have settled on Roy Mustang’s flame alchemy attacks. The first reason being is Roy Mustang is an absolute badass. The second reason being is that I find his attack of clicking his fingers to spark his attacks a really neat way to set things ablaze. It’s like his fingers are the lighter when he clicks then together and it’s a simple but effective technique that he can use whilst looking like a total badass. It’s simply a cool attack that he can use and it’s the best one I can think up. I know there are probably way cooler ones out there but my brain doesn’t seem to retain them very well.


Mustang is pretty awesome let’s be honest

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12 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 23 – Mega, Ultra, Special Finger Snapping Attack

      1. That fight against Envy was brutal and was the reason I fell in love with Mustang’s character who prior to that had been on and off annoying. So glad the live action movie included an equivalent scene for Mustang.

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      2. It was! Yeah his character was shaky with me when I started Brotherhood but he grew on me even before the fight with Envy, it’s such a good fight so I see why you fell for Mustang during that one! I haven’t seen the live action but I’m glad that he got his time to shine in it!

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