30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 26 – This Fight was a Memorable One

Day 26- Best Anime Fight


If you have read my other posts based around weapons or attacks or general shounen things then you may already know I am useless at retaining those kinds of topics. However, this time I actually have a solid answer in terms of what I think is the best anime fight scene and that is Deku VS Todoroki in season two of My Hero Academia.

This is one of the few times I have watched a fight scene and thought that is was super cool and memorable. One of the reasons is probably because the animation for this fight was on point. I especially loved Todoroki’s powers in this fight as he could forge mounds of ice and then also attack with his fire powers and the contrast of fire and ice was beautiful. This was also a memorable fight for me as I love both Deku and Todoroki and getting to see such an incredible fight off them was great!

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15 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 26 – This Fight was a Memorable One

  1. This was a spectacular fight. Really, the whole tournament was done well in MHA. I normally hate this sort of story development because it sets up rounds and rounds of samey kind of episodes as characters face off, but MHA made each match feel unique and they did some really interesting things with the fights. Overall though, this one was truly amazing to watch.

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    1. It was! It’s one of the few fights that I have ever remembered and left some kind of impact on me as a viewer. I know what you mean as multiple rounds of fights can get very boring very quickly but you’re right MHA really brought something unique to each fight and helped to develop the characters in the match without being dull or dragged out! It really was!


  2. That was one spectacular fight, the whole arc was incredibly good, every fight was different and so well thought. It’s so nice how MHA is bringing meaningful action back in shounen anime

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  3. One of my most favorite fight as well! But I still prefer Gon VS Pitou in Hunter X Hunter (2011), not only you get the best animation from the fight, but you can feel instense all the way!

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