30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 27 – This Scene Gives Me Chills

Day 27- Most Badass Scene From Any Anime


I chose Kaneki’s break out and fight scene with Jason as the most badass scene from any anime character. This scene actually occurred to me after reading Rose’s latest post she made on the final episode of season one of Tokyo Ghoul (thanks for the spark of inspiration for this post). I always get a thrill out of watching this scene. I think the reason being is that Kaneki is put through horrific torture by Jason and as soon as his hair turns white and he breaks out of his restraints he just turns into this total badass and I enjoy seeing Jason get what he deserves off of Kaneki.


I just love how crazy and vicious Kaneki becomes in this scene as he finally gives into his ghoul side and does whatever he wants. The actual fight between Jason is awesome and I love the atmosphere of the entire scene. I really love the very last shot before it ends as well as it gives me chills and I found it to be a perfect spot to end it on as you know what will happen but you don’t actually see it.

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10 thoughts on “30 Day Anime Challenge: Day 27 – This Scene Gives Me Chills

  1. I loved this fight between Kaneki and Jason. Actually, I really enjoyed season 1 of this show, even though it didn’t end up getting into the what is human question as much as I wanted it too. Nice choice.

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