I never originally intended to give this anime a shot for the simple reason that I think boxing is a barbaric sport. After watching TheAnimeMan’s video on this anime I decided I would give it a try at least as see what my initial opinion of it was instead of immediately writing it off. Although I still hold the opinion that boxing is barbaric I’m intrigued enough to see how this show pans out. I’m honestly shocked by the art style of this series because it looks old on purpose. I’m fascinated with the fact that it’s 2018 and they’ve somehow managed to make this show look like an old, nostalgic Bebop style anime with all this new technology. I do enjoy the grimy, dirty, graffiti ridden aesthetic of the overall scenery of this show as I find all the details aesthetically as pleasing.

Cute High Earth Defence Club Love Happy Kiss


I’m already loving this anime after just one episode, then again this is my guilty pleasure anime. I found it interesting that the new series have kept the same school setting and there were jokes about the “defense club (LOL)” sign. I don’t expect this to the anime of the season but I’m happy about watching it nonetheless.

Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi


This one gave me real Kamisama Kiss vibes. Whilst the concept of being practically sold off to an ogre for marriage as payment (which thankfully Aoi refuses) for a massive debt is a questionable concept that does anger me so as a female it’s an anime that I will stick with and see where it goes. The art style looks great and I do enjoy anime themed around yokai. Odanna seems like he is going to be a bit of a pain but I’ll see how things develop.

Tokyo Goul:Re


Considering I have been waiting actual years to see this and I didn’t think Crunchyroll were going to add it for the U.K. I can say I’m rather excited about Tokyo Ghoul:Re. I know many people are apprehensive about this one after what happened with season two. I think i’m honestly just so curious to see this series at this point that I’m not really bothered about what happened previously. I don’t super high expectations for this one but I’m looking forward to seeing where the story goes.

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