I’ve finally come to the end of my first year at university so let me start this post off with this:

blog update post

I’M FREEEEEEEEEE! Well, until October that is.

So happy dances aside let’s actually get to the point of this post. I’ve planned out a schedule for myself which hopefully, if all goes to plan will be a regular thing on my blog. My schedule is going to be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Monday: I’ve been wanting to talk about anime songs for goodness knows how long. Each Monday will have a song I love and can include openings, closings, character songs or maybe even specific anime scores. I may throw in none anime songs from my favourite Japanese bands occasionally too.

Wednesday: My Nerdy Travels series is properly starting up. Hurray! I’m very excited to reminisce over my Japan trip last year.

Friday: Ahh the most unoriginal one of them all, a top 5 series. I like listicles ok! They are fun to put together and I have plenty of ideas I want to talk about that could work in a top 5 series.

I know these aren’t the most original ideas in the world and many fellow bloggers do the same thing but I really want to do my own take on things. I’ve actually been toying with these ideas for months but I’ve finally decided to quit worrying and just do what I want even if others do similar things.

blog update post

My paranoia tells me people will be offended or hate me because i’m copying or whatever but I’m not listening to it. LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU STUPID BRAIN!

When the summer season anime starts airing I also want to start doing episode reviews for at least one series, maybe two. We’ll see. Any other post ideas such as reviews or anything else that pops up inside my brain will be posted around this schedule. I’d also really love to do a collaboration of some kind this summer. I have no idea what on or with who but I’d really love to give it a go as they always seem like fun. So if anyone does want to collab and has any fun ideas then let me know.


I’m super excited to post regularly again and interact with you guys even more! Posts should start next week. Until then I’m going to sleep my heart out.

anime blog post update

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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35 thoughts

  1. Cool schedule! I’m excited to read more stuff from you. 😀 Having a schedule definitely helps out. I’ve discovered it works especially well when life gets a but hectic. Congrats on being free until October!! I’m going back to college in August and it will be fun (sarcastic as fuck) to try to balance everything. *sobs*

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    1. Thank you!! 😄 Yes I think it’ll definitely help me in the long run and I’m excited to get into a proper routine and yes it’ll be amazing when life gets busy and I can have peace of mind with it. Thank you! Aww I’m sure you’ll do amazing! I must admit it’s tricky trying to balance everything but just pace yourself with things! You’ll be fine! 💜

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      1. Oh – I do top 5 lists on Friday too so we could do one week wither on the same theme or on themes that compliment each other – or even on ones that are complete opposites… Just a thought

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  2. Hey sounds great! Schedules can work really well, I never would have got very far if I didn’t have one! Top 5’s are popular because we all like them, so don’t worry about that. Also you’ve been on a trip to Japan! I’d love to see that!

    I think a collab would be cool and I’d enjoy doing it but I’m out of ideas too, I’ve got something planned in a few months but It would require a lot of effort from everyone so I don’t want to approach people with that idea and would rather make a post about it, also I don’t want to announce it yet!

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    1. Thank you! Yeah I’ve been wanting a schedule for a while but I’m excited to finally start putting it into practice and having a routine! 😊 Yes they are popular and thank you that’s reassuring! I was contemplating it for a long time because everyone does it and I didn’t want to seem like a copycat but I want to bring my own opinions for top 5’s to the table! Yes and I hope you enjoy the Japan posts when they go up! 😄 it’s fun to think back on the trip!

      Yes I’d love to do a collab of some kind! I get the out of ideas thing! I’ve been trying to come up with something but alas I’ve got nothing yet 😂 and oooh I look forward to finding out what your plan is later down the line!

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      1. Yeah I look forwards to those posts.

        Tell me if you think of something. I’ve got a strange idea but I won’t be able to do it for a while as I’m fairly busy for the next few weeks.

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      2. Thanks. My exams are in that terrible point where even getting 50% is like a good grade. So even though every paper is a huge stuggle you still do well. I hate that feeling of getting stuck all the time even though that’s apparently ok because it just gets you worried. I would much rather an easier exam with harder grade boundaries.

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      3. No problem! Wow that sounds like a really bad system. It’s horrible that you get stuck and worry but they tell you it’s ok 😑🤦🏻‍♀️ I’d be a nervous wreck in that situation and yeah I agree it should be changed to that instead. Makes much more sense!

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  3. Like the schedule! It’s the same one I use for my blog! And top 5 lists are always fun. Sure, a lot of anibloggers use them but you have your own voice and it comes out in those articles. Looking forward to reading them!

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