I wanted to start this series off with a bit of nostalgia and go back to the first anime opening song I ever really loved.


Shiver by The Gazette

The song is Shiver by The Gazette from season two of Black Butler. Although season two wasn’t the greatest anime sequel in the world it did however have some amazing music. As great as the opening for season one was Shiver just really captured my heart and became my favourite opening song for a long time. This song is what started me down my path of listening to Japanese music and it made me want to go out and seek what else the band The Gazette had created. The vocals are so smooth and full of passion and there is just something so beautiful about the track when put alongside the opening visuals. Whenever I hear this song it puts an instant smile on my face taking me back to little newbie Nerdy who had no idea what she was doing when it came to anime. When writing this I really struggled to put into words what is so good about it. Probably because I’m blinded by bias and the nostalgia of it. It just holds such a special place in my heart. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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