Let’s start this series off with a bang and talk about five of the weirdest anime I have seen to date. I’m sure we have all seen at least a couple anime that has left us confused and somewhat uncomfortable at some point right? RIGHT?! So, let’s dig into the anime that left a weird yet unforgettable impression on me.

5. Brothers Conflict

Brothers Conflict Anime Blog Post

Brothers Conflict is probably the least weird out of the five I chose. As great as reverse harems are this has got to be hands down the weirdest concept for the genre I’ve seen so far. A girl who ends up with many beautiful boys surrounding her is far from strange in anime but them all being her new step brothers is sickening. Although they aren’t related by blood it still left a really bad taste in my mouth. What baffled me most was the fact that nearly all thirteen brothers fell head over heels for their new sister. Do they have no morals? Or sense? Or taste in anything other than bland women? Overall I did find this an entertaining watch but the actual concept had me reaching for a bucket.

4. Himegoto

Anime Blog Post

A part of me wonders why I put this so far down the list but apparently i’ve seen even weirder shows than Himegoto. An anime with a crossdresser in is nothing new and it looks very cute and innocent from the picture. Well, that is until you find out girls are forcing him to be a beautiful girl and he has no say in the matter as they use and abuse him. This anime seems to think that using and abusing a boy who looks feminine is ok but it most certainly isn’t. Whenever I see images from this anime I cringe a little and wonder why I watch it in the first place.

3. First Love Monster

First Love Monster Anime

You ever start a show and you think to yourself this is weird, wrong and I should probably click out now but you just can’t? The utter madness of it all has you transfixed and you keep watching episode after episode even though you know better? This is what happened to myself when I watched First Love Monster. Almost all of the characters were completely insane. I mean, a fifteen year old girl who falls in love with a ten year old because he saved her and also happens to look her age is disturbing. Not to mention the fact that she doesn’t seem to see a problem with it. It’s weird, wrong and I cannot condone it. The saving grace of this show was my favourite character Taga who actually acted his age and apart from being a bit a tad evil was completely sane.

2. Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Top 5 Blog Post

I feel that the fact that this is a harem about monster girls says it all really. I will be honest and say overall I did enjoy Monster Musume. I had to look past a lot of questionable things within this show but if you take that away it is pretty adorable. The girls are cute, from the waist up that is. While this isn’t all that different to most harems the idea of monster girls all falling for a human who tries his best to restrain himself is strange and that is putting it lightly. Things would be a lot less weirder if they were all just human *sigh*.

1. Panty and Stocking with Garter Belt

Panty and Stocking Blog Post

Panty and Stocking had to get the crown when it comes to weird anime. This anime is like an X rated version of the Powerpuff Girls and has the weirdest stories I have seen so far. Panty and Stocking was a show that made me feel weird and uncomfortable but at the same time it made me laugh. The idea of two angels getting kicked out of heaven and having to work their way back in was a pretty amusing concept and the fact that they are so bad and foul mouthed just made it weirder and funnier. The zany animation style mixed with the ridiculous adult humour and characters was somehow very charming when combined together.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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18 thoughts

  1. I could watch First Love Monster. It just rubbed me the wrong way in how it presented its premise and so I killed it. I didn’t end up finishing Monster Masume and Brother’s Conflict is still in my watch list having been put on hold about three episodes in. So, apparently most the title on this list didn’t grab my interest for actually watching them.

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    1. Yeah I know what you mean. It just made me feel awkward with the premise but I can see how it could rub you the wrong way. Monster Musume isn’t anything special in the long run so you didn’t miss much and again Brothers Conflict is nothing special. It was entertaining enough but nothing too thrilling mainly just creepy in terms of concept. Everyone’s taste is different and if they didn’t grab you attention then that’s fine!

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    1. I found monster musume a lot easier to accept than some of the incest/questionable age stuff I’ve seen. The step sibling stuff isnt as bad, but even just the little bit of sister complex that was no game no life was weird to me

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      1. Yeah the incest stuff is horrible! No Game No Life was pretty weird and I can never get my head around the sister complex thing! I’m always so shocked when I see people shipping it so I try to stay far away from it!

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      2. Yeah NGNL wasnt too bad as I felt most of it was more for comedic effect. The most outputting trope to me though is the strange sexualization of questionably aged kids. I mean, too each their own so long as it doesn’t harm anyone I guess, but that kind of stuff can take me out of a series pretty quickly.

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  2. I somehow forgot about the mess of First Love Monster. Ugh. If the ten year olds were depicted as mature for their age, then I think it might have fared better. But all they did was rub themselves on polls and talk about their penises…

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