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Nerdy Travels: My Maid Cafe Experience

Last week I discussed my experience at a vampire cafe which you can check out here. This week I wanted to talk about my experience in a maid cafe.

@homecafe Blog Post

This is the only picture I took of the cafe as no photos are allowed to be taken inside.

We visited a maid cafe towards the end of our stay in Tokyo. I kept putting it off and whilst waiting to be served I nearly backed out of it because I’m an awkward introverted nerd and I knew the experience would be out of my comfort zone. Thankfully I managed to suck it up and I ended up having a great time.

When visiting Akiba I noticed there are two main maid cafes that are advertised everywhere. There is Maidreamin and @homecafe. I decided I wanted to visit @home cafe as I heard really good things about it.

Maid Cafe Blog Post

There were about seven different floors for the @homecafe we visited. We ended up on the seventh floor and although the cafe was small it was very cute. It was very pink and girly and cute maids were around serving people everywhere I turned. We only ordered drinks during our time there and like the vampire cafe you paid for an hour long stay. One of my favourite things about the cafe was although we were foreigners all of the girls who interacted with us were so sweet, welcoming and tried their hardest with their English. Our maid who I believe was called Hinari was lovely and explained everything to us and was super adorable. Thinking about the experience makes me smile even as I write this. Our maid even did the magic spell thing on our drinks and it was such a fun thing to experience.

I feel that outsiders may see these cafes as shady but honestly it’s just a bit of fun. Some of the other customers we saw were just having a silly time and enjoying themselves. I think although these kinds of cafes can be expensive it’s worth a visit just to say you have been. Especially if you are interested in otaku culture. If you visited @homecafe you actually get a souvenir. Each new customer is given a loyalty card which can be used if you ever visit again in the future. I think this is such a cute and special souvenir to receive even if you’ll never use it. Here is a picture I took of mine:

Maid Cafe Card

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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8 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: My Maid Cafe Experience

  1. Hitomi~ She’s the maid from @home that I met at Anime Matsuri. She’s the head maid (I think?) she’s center in the picture lol. I’m glad you had a good experience! I had fun at my Maid cafe experiences when there weren’t obnoxious older guy yelling stuff at me (it’s hard being a girl and going there alone lmao).

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