Last week it was my birthday! I ate too much chocolate and cake, got some lovely messages from a bunch of you guys and I got some rad presents. I really wanted to share some of the stuff. I have always loved hauls and seeing what people get as I find it so fun to see what peoples interests are and I wanted to give it a go myself. Also disclaimer as I’m not trying to brag I just like to share things on my blog.

Anime DVD Haul

Getting anime on DVD is always a staple for birthdays and Christmas. I always ask for shows I cannot stream on my computer and I got some gems I have been wanting for a long time. I finally got Angel Beats after wanting to watch it for years. I also finally got Bakemonogatari which I have wanted to see since I heard TheAnimeMan talk about it. I have already started it and I’m really enjoying it so far! The second part of Durarara!!x2 is finally mine and I’m excited to dive back into one of my favourite shows again. I’m also very excited to own Baccano and I’m hoping it to be similar to Durarara.

Manga Haul Blog Post

I also got some more manga and apparently I’m really into horror manga at the moment. I’m very excited to continue reading Corpse Party. I was shocked to receive two Junji Ito books as I have been going on about him for ages and this proves that my parents actually listen to me when I ramble on about things I like.

Birthday Blog Post

This isn’t anime related but I got The Art of Wreck it Ralph book. I love all things Disney and Wreck it Ralph is one of my all time favourite films so I was ecstatic when I opened this. I’m a massive animation nerd and I love seeing the all behind the scenes work on anything animated as it fascinates me.

Birthday Haul Post

I also got to books on death. Weird I know but I recently discovered Ask a Mortician on YouTube and she makes death and the death industry interesting and less scary. I’m quite excited to learn more about the inevitable especially from Caitlin’s perspective.

Birthday Haul

I also visited a zoo over the weekend as part of my birthday and now I’ve started an unintentional sloth collection. They are such cute, relatable animals!

Birthday Haul Blog Post

This post was different from what I normally do but I hope you enjoyed reading it nonetheless! I just want to say thank you again for all the lovely birthday messages I got over on my twitter! They were all so lovely to see! Until next time!

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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  1. So you sending me that stuff through the mail or…
    Happiest of Birthdays. May this year be better than the last but a little worse and less exciting than the next!


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