This week I want to share one of my all time favourite opening songs. The song is Deal With by OLDCODEX which was the opening song to the anime Servamp.

Deal With by Oldcodex

Deal With by OLDCODEX

I feel that this song is either something you’ll love or something you’ll hate depending on your taste in music. As someone who spent most of their teens listening to weird screamo music, songs like this are always something I’m drawn to. I love all the anger and passion within songs like Deal With. One of the others things I always enjoy about OLDCODEX is lead singer Suzuki Tatsuhisa often does a lot of voice acting work in anime where his bands music is used for OP and ED songs. In Servamp’s case he voiced Tsubaki who was the main villain of the series. I think it’s awesome that Suzuki’s not only works in a band but also works in the voice acting industry. That’s something that rarely happens, if ever, in the West. The opening animation works perfectly in sync with their song as it has grimy, static filled shots of the characters and everything is so chaotic and aggressive.

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