Nerdy Travels: Tokyo DisneySea

In my last Nerdy Travels post I discussed my experience in Tokyo Disneyland so this time I want to cover DisneySea which is the other park exclusive to Tokyo Disney.

Tokyo DisneySea was my favourite park out of the two. Whilst it has rides I was already familiar with such as the Tower of Terror it was a completely different experience from any other Disney park I have visited so far. Instead of the classic Disney castle centrepiece DisneySea has a huge volcano that will come to life every so often and produce smoke as if it was really about to erupt. The volcano even doubles up as not only the centrepiece of the park but also the Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride.

Other than the water parks in Florida there are no other water themed parks in any of the parks throughout the world and Tokyo’s own twist on a Disney park is really something special. Everywhere you visit in the park you are bound to see some form of water around. As the park as an overall sea/water theme there are lots of areas and attractions that go hand in hand with that. For example the park has a pirate ship you can explore, a Mediterranean area, an area focused around the Little Mermaid, boat trips around the park and rides such as 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

I think one of my favourite areas of the park was around the Volcano and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride. That area in particular has a steampunk look/vibe to it to mach the 20,000 Leagues ride and everything just looked so pretty.

The rides I recommend the most would probably be the Tower of Terror as it has a different story in comparison to the one in Florida, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea because that rides overall aesthetic is breathtaking and Journey to the Centre of the Earth as that ride was incredible and had some fantastic creature animatronics. I also recommend getting fast passes for the rides you really want to experience as it helps reduce waiting time. You can only have one fast pass at a time however and the pass will be a designated time which can be used for one hour. I recommend getting them early on in the day as I think they do run out of passes towards the end of the day.

Exclusive merchandise is also a must when visiting this park especially if it’s around a holiday such as Halloween as they have adorable themed merchandise which cannot be found anywhere else. Both Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea have their own Halloween themes. Disney Sea’s theme was Disney Villains which was great because I love many of the villains in Disney movies.

If you are ever traveling to Tokyo I highly recommend putting DisneySea on your to do list!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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32 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: Tokyo DisneySea

  1. My friend in japan has been here and she said it was amazing. Water surrounding Disney oh god dream come true to me. Def is on my list to visit one day when I get to go to Japan

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  2. I visited Tokyo DisneySea two years ago and I’m still blown away by how beautiful it was! I know it’s incredibly cheesey but ‘magical’ is the only way to ttruly sum up the experience. This post really brought back a lot of memories of my own trip, I’d love to go again one day.

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