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Five on Friday: I Drink and Watch Anime’s Incredible Anime Collection

Five on Friday is back and this week is super special because it’s a collaboration! I’m collaberating with the one and only Irina from I drink and watch anime. I’m very excited for this colaberation and I hope you guys enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed putting this post together! I’m sure you are all familiar with Irina and her wonderful blog. If not then what are you doing get on over there and check out her stuff!

This collaboration is going to be an interesting one as I’m going to be showing you guys some of Irina’s wonderful anime collection while she will be displaying some of mine over on her blog which you can find here.

5. Plushies and Home Goods 

So squishy!

First up in Irina’s collection of anime goodies is plushies and home goods like mugs and cups. I included plushies and home goods together as I feel like they kind of fit into a similar category. I mean they are both usually displayed in the home so it counts right? Yeah I think it counts! I’ve been a fan of plushies for my entire life as soft, cuddly cute plushies always seemed more appealing than playing with dolls as a child. My love of plushies is still strong even as I enter into my twenties. I love Irina’s little soot sprite and the black cat and Madara plushies look super soft and squishy. I also love the little collection of mugs and cups Irina has. I’ve never seen any Juni Taisen merchandise so it was really cool to see this travel mug as I did really enjoy this series. The Mushi-Shi cups are also super awesome. I love being able to drink my coffee in the morning whilst staring at my favourite characters on a mug. That is truly my idea of perfection!

4. Pins and Badges

Pin Collection Blog Post.jpg

Irina seems to have a small but steadily growing collection of pins and badges some which I recognise from some of her Loot Crate Anime unboxings on her blog. A running theme of this post will be I like to collect all the things and pins are no exception to this. I got hooked on pin collecting after visiting Disney World and seeing the range of pins there is to collect. From that point on I have been a fiend when it comes to pins, badges and keychains. Like Irina has done I display them on bags and I also cover my jackets with them too. Pins are super fun and easy to collect and show the love for anime in a more subtle way. I love the Cells as Work pin as I didn’t expect to see any merchandise for that quite so early on. The Catbus badge is super adorable too!

3. Figures

Firgure Collection

Figures are like a staple in any anime collection. They are a fun thing to collect and the more expensive ones are often collectors pieces which can be so satisfying to own and display. Like myself, Irina collects a variety of different figures ranging from scale figures to Nendoroids. I think having such a wide range of different figures is always great as a collector because you can grow your collection pretty quickly that way instead of just focusing on one particular style or brand. I struggle to choose favourites out of this collection as there are so many different characters I love here. I am very partial to the Gintoki one (what a surprise) as well as Shizuo and Deku. I’m in love with the Shiro figure as well as it just looks like a stunning collectable piece *drools*.

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2. Anime Apparel 

Anime Shirt Collection
So many shirts!

I love anime apparel as I have always enjoyed displaying my interests to the world through clothing and other apparel. Irina has quite the collection of apparel in her collection to display her love of anime. She has a range of anime t-shirts which puts my own personal collection to shame as I only own about three. She also owns some other apparel such as anime socks from Naruto and Death Note, a really awesome the Seven Deadly Sins tote bag which I love because, well I really love Ban. Being able to have apparel that display your interests but also work as very useful and functional items in everyday life is the best. To me having clothing that displays your interests is a form of self expression and it often feels great when others notice and recognise the anime on your clothing. I really love the Steins Gate and Haikyuu shirts and I love the replica of Sora’s shirt from No Game No Life. Replica merchandise is one of my favourite things!

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1. Artwork/Prints

Anime ArtworkI’m a massive fan of looking at and collecting artwork from different artists and series I like. Stuff like this is like my bread and butter. Irina has an awesome range of artwork displayed on her walls. I love how they are all framed to keep them in pristine condition and also having the art grouped in frames together just so cool like a mini art gallery in the home. I love the little Kacchan print as well as the Attack on Titan one. I am in awe of the Mononoke series prints you have displayed as all of the details and colours are just exquisite. Can you tell I’m into artwork? I cannot get enough of it! I love being the proud owner of something someone has put so much time and effort into. There is something so special about artwork and prints and I could seriously spend all day looking at Irina’s fine collection. This makes me want to grow my collection even more!

This print is gorgeous and I’m obsessed with the colours and design!

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Well, this post has made me realise just how many awesome anime related things there are to collect. Irina has such an awesome variety of anime merchandise and it was such fun to see what others collect in comparison to myself. Don’t forget to go show Irina lots of love and read her own take on my collection over on I drink and watch anime!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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All photos are provided by Irina

27 thoughts on “Five on Friday: I Drink and Watch Anime’s Incredible Anime Collection

  1. OH wow Sam – you did an awesome job – you actually made me jealous of my own collection and the layout is just beautiful. This post has now convinced me to use the slider gallery display more…I’m not sure why I haven’t done so before.
    Fun story about the Juni Taisen bamboo cup. I use it at ork for coffee cause it’s very practcle. The other side has the buff naked bunny man….

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hehe thank you 😏 I tried to make the layout as nice as I could (I’m very fussy with layouts 😂) and I thought the slider gallery just worked perfectly for it! And yes that cup could come in very handy for work but oh goodness I bet that side of it got a few looks of confusion 😂

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  2. If there is on thing that I really love doing it’s taking a peek at some cool collectable stuff. I already knew Irina probably owned quite a number of wonderful items, but this post just makes me insanely jealous lol. Really terrific stuff, and you made a great post out of it too, that really brought it out in a seriously cool way. Thanks for sharing it! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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