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MCM Manchester Comic Con 2018 Recap and Haul

Kirino from OreimoComic Con is one of my favourite events to attend and I recently attended Manchester Comic Con on the Saturday after two years of being unable to visit. I have to say after missing the convention for two years in a row I really missed going. Conventions are always such a blast. I love the atmosphere whenever I attend Comic Con. Everyone is just having a good time doing their own thing and everybody is there to have fun and express themselves and their interests. I love seeing all of the artists work, official merchandise and all the creative cosplayers.

One thing that made my heart skip a beat during the day was the fact that Vic Mignogna was featured at the convention. Unfortunately I didn’t meet him because I’m far too awkward and never know what to say when I meet someone famous or who I admire. However whilst wandering around the main hall I did hear him talking on a small stage and had a mini freak out to myself because in my head I was like oh wow Edward Elric is sat feet away from me talking.

I wanted to show the stuff I bought at Comic Con as I got some really amazing things that I’d love to share. In past trips to Comic Con I would usually buy anime DVD’s, manga and figures but this year I really wanted to focus in on prints and merchandise made by independent artists. As I am visiting Japan again this year I wanted to purchase items I wouldn’t be able to find on my trip. I have also been wanting to change up my room recently and so I wanted to get some nice artwork to help freshen things up a bit.

If you have read mine and Irina’s latest Five on Friday posts then you may know I love collecting pins, badges and keychains. So, I ended up buying even more because I have no self control. I’m planning on putting together a Shiro from Voltron ita bag so I picked up my first few piece for that project. I also picked up best girl Yuri from Doki Doki Literature Club as well as a cute Menhera and sailor uniform themed badges. Lastly I found the “hello my name is Bob” badge and just had to pick it up because I love Lapis from Steven Universe and the Bob thing makes me laugh.

I fell in love with this print the moment I saw it. I’m a huge fan of both Steven Universe and Voltron so when I saw this print of my two favourite little green tech nerds I knew I had to buy it.

I came across this artist named Lyndon White whilst browsing in the comic village area. I was in absolute awe of his work and I purchased two of his prints because I knew I’d regret it if I walked away from such beautiful work. I picked up this gorgeous Dracula print as well as a beautiful piece of this really cool hipster looking girl.

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I also got a range of small prints from a number of artists around the convention. I got some Menhera inspired prints, space and Earth-chan themed prints, some of my favourite characters like Star, Shiro and Dabi and two of my favourite ships from Steven Universe and Adventure Time.

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I got these three amazing prints from an artist called Cuttlesworth who I had seen on Instagram prior to the con. I managed to find her booth and picked up the three prints I had been eyeing online. I found this hilarious Voltron print which makes me want a beach episode for that series even more. I also got this adorable My Hero Academia print where the boys are dressed as sailor scouts. The last print I picked up of hers was another Menhera themed one which is adorably creepy.

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I bought more t-shirts. Not that I needed anymore as I already have way too many but at places like Comic Con all of my self control goes out the window and I go a little crazy as I find merchandise I cannot find in high street stores. I’m an animal love so I couldn’t resist the cute cat shirt as I found a cat sat on a gravestone just too adorable. I also bought more Voltron merch because I have a serious problem. I found an amazing “Quiznak” shirt which I couldn’t resist as well as a “Blade of Marmora” shirt with Keith’s blade on the sleeves. I couldn’t pass up on these gems.

Doki Doki Literature Club Mug

Last but certainly not least I picked up a Doki Doki Literature Club mug. I was torn between this one and an Animal Crossing one but in the end I went with the cute school girls.

That’s it for Comic Con for another year. hope you guys enjoyed reading this and found my haul interesting as I love sharing stuff like this with you guys!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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