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Nerdy Travels: Asakusa

Asakusa is one of the first areas of Tokyo we visited during our trip. On the first full day in Japan we went and did the typical tourist thing of visiting Sensoji temple in Asakusa, Tokyo.


One of the cool things about visiting Sensoji is the street you walk up before reaching the actual temple. The street is a long row of different shops many of them selling the standard tourist goods. This was the first time seeing all the typical tourist goods so it was really fun to browse the different shops and see what was being sold. As this was the first time experiencing the more historical and cultural aspect of Japan the temple was an amazing and rather grand thing to see. After spending so much time looking at pictures of such a famous temple in books and online it felt amazing to finally be there and see it for myself.




I decided to buy a fortune during this temple visit and unfortunately I ended up getting bad luck. Anyone who gets bad luck can get rid of it by folding it up and tying it to this wall full of peoples bad luck fortunes. It was fun to get the fortune but I was glad to be rid of it in the end. It was a very wet and misty day that day and off to the side of the temple we could see the Sky Tree lurking in the mist in the distance.

After visiting the temple we wandered around the Asakusa area and came across a small museum displaying traditional Japanese items such as art, statues and furnishings. Although the museum was small in size it was still a lovely place to stumble across and it had a lot of different items to display.

One of the things I loved about visiting Asakusa as well as Japan in general is the seeing all the small backstreets. I find something so fascinating about these small streets as streets like these don’t really exists in the U.K. Something about small but cluttered streets just resonates with me and there is always something to look at and discover on these streets.

Although Asakusa and Sensoji temple is a typical tourist destination in Tokyo I do highly recommend going and checking it out and seeing it for yourself. It’s incredible to see the more historical buildings and areas set in such a modern city.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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      1. And she’s over the moon about it I read someone else’s blog and they said they also got a bad fortune so it sounds like there might be a lot of bad fortunes I’m not too worried about it because I feel really blast so already living my dreams

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