Throughout the course of my entire I have loved showing off my interests through badges, pins and keychains. I decorated many of the bags I owned throughout the years with them. Often to the point where there was no room left for any new ones. I always ran into a snag with this hobby of mine. They’d either fall off, get lost forever in the big wide world never to be seen again or they’d get completely ruined if I had a run in with the rain which unfortunately for my pins and badges is England’s most favourite form of weather condition. However, one saving grace came into my life which was ita bags. If you are unfamiliar with ita bags they are also known as “painful bags” as the word ita comes from the word painful in Japanese. The premise of the bag is to have something really painful to look at. I, however find them very pleasant to look at and do not understand how they could be in anyway painful looks wise.

I cannot remember the first time I saw an ita bag but I knew from the moment I found out about them that I needed one myself. I loved the concept of them. They are functional fashion accessories that allow me to display whatever I want without getting completely wrecked by weather conditions or being snagged whilst walking about the town. Perfect!

Although I had been wanting an ita bag for a long time I didn’t actually purchase one until my Japan trip last September. I think part of me was holding off because I really wanted one of the WEGO bags that were popular within the ita bag community. I did in fact get my WEGO bag and I got the black one because I have to get everything in black. Black goes with everything so it’s perfect. I planned on just getting the one but by the end of the trip I ended up with two.

Lawless of Greed ita bag ServampServamp Ita Bag

My first ita bag is my Lawless of Greed one with Licht sneaking in on the ita bag action. I knew even before I got to Japan that Lawless would be a pain to find in terms of merchandise. But I don’t give up so easily and I managed to track down what I feel is a substantial amount of merchandise for him for this bag. I take quite a bit of pride in the fact that I managed to find all of this as he is a more obscure character to choose in terms of making an ita bag. I hope my next trip will also be fruitful and I can add to this collection.

Gintama Ita BagHijikata Ita Bag

My second bag is primarily for Hijikata from Gintama. I kind of made a Hijikata bag by accident. In which I mean I kept buying merchandise for him without paying much attention to how much was accumulating and then when it finally hit me how much I’d bought I thought it’d be a good idea to give him his own bag. I actually bought this bag from Animate which do a variety of shapes and sizes for ita bags. This one unlike the WEGO bag has two sides. I use the big open window side for my mayo boy whilst the star shaped side has a range of other keychains and characters I picked up. One thing I love about this bag is that the fabric to pin the badges to detaches from the rest of the bag making it super easy to place everything. It then attaches back in with velcro making it super secure.

Ita BagIta Bag

I have plans to start a third ita bag for Shiro from Voltron and I also plan to hopefully expand my Hijikata bag much more on my next trip to Japan as he is super easy to find in stores.

I really love ita bags and I love to see other peoples. Everyone is so different and creative with their bags and they are such fun to look at and share. Do you guys have any ita bags? Would you like to start one in the future? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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