For this weeks five on Friday I wanted to do something different and none anime related. So I have decided to talk about my top five cartoons. I have loved animation as a whole my entire life. I grew up watching cartoons and animated movies and I continue to do so as an adult. I’m still a really big kid at heart and will never stop loving all the different forms of animation. Honourable mentions go to Star VS the Forces of Evil, The Amazing World of Gumball and one of my new favourites Final Space.

5. Regular Show

Regular Show has always been that one cartoon that I found to be really “cool” on Cartoon Network. The reason I say this is becauseI feel out of all of the shows on this list this was always the one that was targeted heavily towards teenagers and adults (although all of these series have a teen/adult following) instead of children even though it appeared on a children’s TV network. The stories, the art style and the language always felt much more mature than other kids shows on Cartoon Network and I love that fact about it. I’ve never seen any other show on the channel have such violence and use imagery that included actual guns. The crazy stories and characters have always made me laugh and I think it’s a fun show to watch at any age.

4. Steven Universe

I love this beautiful, pastel, catchy ukulele song filled show about gay rocks. I love that Steven Universe is such a cute and pure show but can also get quite serious and dramatic at times. The whole concept of the crystal gems is such a cool idea to me and the fusions in particular have always been a favourite element of the show. I feel Steven Universe has been one of those cartoons that has really tried to push LGBT representation and that is always something I really support as I love the fact that they are trying to represent many kinds of people. The recent wedding between Sapphire and Ruby made my heart want to burst with joy and I’m so happy that representation and diversity is making it’s way into cartoons.

3. Gravity Falls

I remember watching the very first episode of Gravity Falls the day it aired on Disney XD. I loved it instantly and I watched every episode as soon as it aired right up until when it finished in 2016. Both the story and the animation style really caught my attention. I love mystery and adventure plots and anything to do with monsters and creatures. The mystery element of the show always held my attention and I love the direction the show ended up going in towards the end. Plus the main villain of this series is a Dorito in a top hat so what’s not to love?

2. Voltron: Legendary Defender

Anyone who follows me on Twitter probably already knows I’m always screaming about Voltron: Legendary Defender. I love shows set in space with cool space junk. Space is cool, aliens are cool and Voltron is very cool. I got back into Voltron after putting it on hold for a while a couple months back and I’ve fallen back in love with the show and cannot get enough of it right now. I’ve never liked TV shows or movies to do with giant robots. But Voltron is one of the few exceptions to this. The characters make up a massive part of this show for me as all of them are incredible. Like Steven Universe this series really tackles representation and diversity which really excites me. I also love the overall art style of this series as it has an anime inspired style even though it’s made by DreamWorks. It’s one of those “kids shows” (spoiler alert it’s really not a kids show) that has so much depth to it and I adore that fact.

1. Adventure Time

Adventure Time has been my all time favourite cartoon since I was about twelve years old. I started this show not long after it started airing and it’s very weird and surreal setting just captured my little preteen heart. I love this show so much I plan on getting Adventure Time tattoos in the future and when they announced that it was ending I nearly started crying. Yes, I am that sad now leave me alone. The completely surreal setting and characters always had my entranced as I adore out of the box concepts. Adventure Time is one of those series where you could do almost anything with it no matter how ridiculous and it would still work perfectly. I love the fact that this series started of fairly random and weird but developed into something more and many areas and ideas were explored and expanded.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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  1. These are all really good shows. Steven Universe almost made honorable mention on my top 5 non anime animated series like a week ago.

    I think regular show was actually better than adventure time in a lot of ways. Despite some of the zany premises, I still felt it was really relatable.

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