I really hate dropping anime. I feel that if I end up having to drop an anime I have been defeated by it. I don’t know if this is down to my continuous need to complete things I have started and my stubbornness and drive won’t allow me to drop things without a fight. However, as much as I hate to have done it there have been some anime I’ve had to drop for a number of reasons.

5. Sakura Quest

I never really got Sakura Quest. When I think about the story and the setting it sounds like something I’d adore watching but something just didn’t click with me whilst watching this series and I ended up abandoning it half way through. I usually try and give my full attention to an anime but with this series I kept going on my phone and scrolling through Twitter or something until I’d realise that I hadn’t been paying attention and didn’t know what was going on anymore. That fact told me maybe it was time to put this series to rest.

4. Prison School

I think a part of me really wanted to like this anime. I love comedy anime and this seemed filled to the brim with brilliantly done over the top comedy. Unfortunately, the more sexual side of this anime outweighed the comedy by a long shot and left me feeling extremely uncomfortable. I went into this anime knowing it would be on the more extreme side with its fan service and sexual references but I thought I would be able to brush it off and get past it. Brushing stuff off usually works for me. That didn’t happen this time and I ended up jumping ship after only two episodes. Some of the male characters creeped me out whilst the female characters had me shaking my head. Seriously though what was wrong with those girls. As much as I wanted to like it it was just too extreme for me.

3. Dies Irae

Alright can someone please explain to me what this show was about. To this day I still have no clue what this anime was about. All I remember is a bunch of evil general looking guys and a bunch of references about a guillotine. I remember first starting this anime and presumed with the confusing and complicated premise that it was one of those shows where you start off with no idea what’s going on and slowly as you make your way through more of the pieces of the puzzle come together and everything begins to make sense. But no I just gradually became more and more confused until frustration took over and I bailed. I take my hat off to anyone who actually finished and understood this anime because you did something that I couldn’t.

2. The Ancient Magus Bride

I was so close to finishing this series and I ended up dropping it at episode nineteen. You may wonder why as I was so close to finishing it with only a handful of episodes to go but as much as I considered it my stubbornness inevitably lost this one and I called it a day. I had an on and off relationship with this anime. When I first started watching it I thought it was beautiful and breathtaking. Then a few episodes went by and I started getting rather bored of it. It finally picked up again about half way through and I ended up binge watching it up until the nineteenth episode. After skipping over the awful cat episode earlier in the anime I was then hit with a certain scenario involving a sweet baby dragon. It’s not very often when you’ll find me not being able to stomach a scene in an anime but this one turned me off the series for good. I knew if I carried on I’d probably just keep thinking about that sick episode and wouldn’t enjoy the series anymore.

1. Naruto

Naruto is part of what many call “the big three” and I do not care for it. Out of all the anime I have dropped it is the one I watched the most episodes of. I managed to wade through the first twenty five episodes before waving these ninjas a not so fond farewell. I think a mixture of the frighteningly large episode count mixed in with three main characters I really couldn’t stand made me dislike this anime. I know many anime fans are fond of Naruto as many grew up watching it and have a soft spot for it. As I never grew up with it maybe that’s part of the reason why I never developed an attachment to it. I find it difficult to sit through a show when I don’t vibe well with the main characters. Maybe if Naurto had a smaller episode count I would have given it a proper shot. I will say thought that I did love Kakashi. He was amazing and my favourite part about those twenty five episodes.

What anime have you guys dropped? I’m curious to hear in the comments!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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24 thoughts

  1. I drop Dies Ireas too, there was too many “WTF is happening” moment.
    And while I quite enjoyed Ancient Magus’ Bride, I agree there is so hard moment, after the dragon episode, Chise undergo a unwanted eyes surgery quite painful, I think I close my eyes when it happened.

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    1. Yeah exactly! I was so confused the entire time and it was so frustrating 😂
      And yeah it was just too much for me and oh wow I had no idea that was a thing in the series! Sounds like something I’d probably have to look away from too!


  2. I don’t think anyone can explain Dies Irae. I made it to the end of the first run but didn’t go back for the extra episodes so never found out how it supposedly ended. But I just didn’t care. After a whole season I still could not tell you what the story was actually about other than some guys want to make city go boom because dead people = more power or something like that, and apparently the hero existed because one of the bad guys wanted a decent fight so another bad guy decided to make an enemy for them to fight (or again, something like that). What little I understood of it was so incredibly stupid and the rest was just incomprehensible.

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    1. Yeah I think you’re right about that! I find it incredible that someone made this anime and people who watch it honestly cannot really tell you what went on expect a very vague idea! And you’re right from what I saw it was stupid and incomprehensible!

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  3. I’ve already made my post about the crap I’ve dropped (Baka no Test being the worst offender), but this list seems perfectly understandable!

    I’ve “dropped” a lot of really good series for one reason, and that’s because I don’t want to disrespect it. When I watch something, I want to give it my full attention, so I drop narrative heavy shows like Stein;s Gate and Hyouka until I actually have time in my life to watch them without any distractions. Hopefully I can do some catching up over break.

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  4. Interesting choices you dropped, I have to catch up on Sakura quest and ancient magus bride never finished these shows. I’ve honestly not dropped a lot of anime in my whole anime watching time, a couple Aquarion logos from the aquarion franchise I dropped after episode 4 it was beyond boring, characters were flat in personality is what had me not continuing, which was a huge disappointment for me. I love the aquarion franchise a lot. Another one was last exile again it was very slow going anime and the story just didn’t grip me, thought it would about war and planes but it was a gloomy atmosphere. I’m just like noooooo.

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  5. I also ended up dropping Sakura Quest when it first aired. It wasn’t a bad show, but it just got a little boring after a while. I loved what I read of the Ancient Magus Bride manga but I’ve yet to check out the anime. I’m hoping it doesn’t disapoint.

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    1. Yeah that’s how I felt about the series. My attention wasn’t there but maybe I wasn’t in the right kind of mood for a show like that. I was on and off for a while with AMB but it got really good especially in the middle of the series but certain elements were just too much for me personally! I hope you enjoy it if you get round to watching it!

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