Anime tropes. Some are amazing. Some are just tired and overdone. This week I wanted to explore five of my favourite tropes commonly used in many different genres of anime. Some of the typical tropes are awesome and work so well within a series. Many of them are so far from real life that they are often highly amusing. Here are a few of my favourites.

5. Hair Colours and Styles

I’d like to have rainbow hair. Not the style though…

I wish my hair was more like an anime characters hair. I have always loved the crazy colours and styles that anime characters can have. So many series will be jam packed with characters with unnatural colours and styles. Anime such as Lucky Star which is set in Japanese high school has characters with pink, blue and purple hair instead of traditional black which the majority of the Japanese population will have in real life. While some hairstyles are completely ridiculous and defy gravity all together there are some fabulous anime hair styles that would be cool to rock in real life. I’m supposed to be dying my hair pink soon so I can come closer to my anime hair dreams.

4. Violence

I always find the violence fascinating in anime. The amount of times I have seen people get smashed against walls during a fight or have a knife stuck in their head because of an accidental boob grab is crazy. Somehow these characters manage to get back up and either continue the fight or have an comedic style argument. In those moments I often think how if that happened in real life the person would probably die instantly or at least be seriously injured. While comedic violence isn’t uncommon in animation like Looney Tunes I often find anime goes to the very extreme and just runs as far as it can with the idea. I have always enjoyed this trope in anime because I have always been someone to laugh at comedic violence. I just wish we humans were as tough and robust as some of these anime characters. I freak out over just getting a paper cut…

3. Nose Bleeds

As an anime watcher I think I probably see nose bleeds a lot different to most people. Nose bleeds in real life mean something is wrong in the body but in anime it just means that the character having said nose bleed is having some kind of sexual fantasy. It has always been an amusing form of expression in anime and it always gets the point across of what is going on inside the characters head whether they say anything or not. It’s also hilarious to me how characters can have a massive, gushing nose bleed and be completely fine. No dying from blood loss here.

2. Over-exaggerated Emotions

I thought this post up whilst watching this scene.

Over-exaggerated emotions have always been one of the funniest things to me in anime. I was watching Nichijou recently and usually when the punchline comes in during the episode it’s often accompanied by heavily exaggerated emotions. While I know other forms of animation can be over-exaggerated in terms of emotions I think anime is the  reigning champion of this trope. Emotions are heightened to the ninth degree in anime. Characters don’t simply cry, they flood the room with tears. They don’t just shout, they scream so loud it creates a wind and blows the other characters back. Although I feel like these are such exaggerations I know in some anime it is the truth. Emotions are so powerful and expressive in anime. Sometimes if I’m annoyed or something I wish I could channel some of this over-exaggeration to get my point across better.

1. Breaking the Forth Wall

There is nothing I love more in anime than forth wall breaking. I cannot explain why but as soon as an anime becomes self aware I suddenly love it ten times more. There is something so humorous about an anime character recognising they are in an anime and there is someone on the other side watching them. I find it a clever form of comedy and allows the anime to break out of its fictional world and connect more with the viewer in a way. Self aware anime is always a winner in my book.

What are some of your favourite anime tropes? I’d love to know in the comments.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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  1. It’s probably not a great thing to say but yes, comic violence in anime is hilarious. I’ve got to disagree with the nosebleed thing however – that actually really annoys me. Not all the time, but in series where it’s a constant gag it does get on my nerves.

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