This week I wanted to discuss one of my all time favourites, if not my favourite, anime ending song. This song is Samurai Heart (Some Like it Hot) by SPYAIR which is the seventeenth Gintama ending song.

This song unlike many of the other songs used in Gintama’s extensive music catalogue Samurai Heart is much more serious. The sombre animation which companies Samurai Heart is  what gives off such strong emotional vibes. Samurai Heart is a real rock song and packs a punch both with and without the animation. The animation is equally as strong with its dark, gloomy backgrounds and rainy scenes of the characters. Whilst I am a big fan of all the different ending songs used throughout the series this one in particular always stuck with me more than the rest ever did. So much so that I decided to learn to play it on the guitar and had a lot of fun in the process. I think the gloomy visuals really stuck out to me as its Gintama and the majority of it is very lighthearted. SPYAIR did an excellent job of creating a piece that was both easy to dance to yet packed a massive emotional punch when listening to it.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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  1. I love this song!!! It’s one of my favourite Gintama endings! I agree with you that this one is quite different from the light hearted stuff we usually get for Gintama but it fits the underlying serious tone the show has always had in it’s opening song scenes.
    I can’t believe you can play this on the guitar 😮 That’s so cool!

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