The time has finally come for my vacation! I’m heading out over to Japan tomorrow after a year of eagerly awaiting the trip. I wanted to drop in before I go to let you guys know that my blog will basically be on hiatus till the end of September.

The packing begins!

I have spent the past few months running up to this pondering on what I should do when it comes to blogging when I went back to Japan. I thought about scheduling a bunch of posts but that didn’t happen (oops, my bad). I also considered doing a daily journal of my trip whilst I am there. I even put a poll on Twitter about it and it got a great response to do it. In the end I decided that for my own sanity it’s best for me to take a break. This trip is going to be a long, jammed packed one and so I want to spend every moment of it living for that day and nothing else.

I do think if I can squeeze in the time I will write a little each day in my notes and then when I get home I can post daily journals that way. Either that or I’ll work it all in to my ongoing Nerdy Travels series.

Although my blog will be quiet I’m hoping to still post on social media. You can follow my Twitter And Instagram where I’ll hopefully I’ll be posting some pictures throughout my trip.

Until next time thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys properly when I get back! Take care of yourselves.

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