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Nerdy Travels: Off to Osaka

My exciting journey to Japan began on 31st August 2018. After a poor amount of sleep due to pure excitement I got up very early and got ready to head to the airport. I said goodbye to my beloved doggie before getting a taxi over to the airport. After arriving at the airport we got baggage checked in, got through the incredibly busy security and then we had a couple hours to kill in the duty free area. I find the whole check in and security part so stressful but as always I survived the process. In the duty free area I had a look at some of the makeup and picked up a new foundation as well as a new lipstick from Urban Decay. I also picked up a bottle of my favourite perfume which is Poison Girl by Dior. I do enjoy wandering around the duty free area as it’s always nice to splurge on products I might not usually get just before I go away. After some shopping we grabbed a bite to eat. As I am someone who gets travel sickness I decided to eat somewhat lighter than usual and only got a toastie and a few chips. This was a very light meal considering I wouldn’t be eating again for the next 24 hours. After food we headed to the waiting area and watched the planes outside until we needed to board the plane. We flew with Emirates and we had a sixteen hour connecting flight. We flew six hours to Dubai, had a three hour stop over and then a ten hour flight over to Osaka.

I’m really not a big fan of flying. Not because I’m frightened or anything but I end up getting sick on them and last years plane journey over to Japan traumatised me as I was so ill on the flight. This year fortunately I managed to sleep most of the journey but it was still an incredibly long day for me. It’s always really weird flying to other countries as the time differences really mess with my head. When we arrived in Japan is was the evening the next day which is still really trippy when I think about it. Both flights had a small selection of anime films to watch which surprised me and I thought was cool. They had The Boy and the Beast, Wolf Children and Mary and the Witches flower which is the one I watched. Unfortunately though as I fell asleep I didn’t actually finish the film so I only saw half of it which is a little annoying. From what I saw of the film it was pretty enjoyable.

When we finally landed in Osaka we got a taxi over to Galaxy Apartment which was our little apartment that we would call home for the next few days. The first stop on our Japan trip was Lawson to grab some food. This was a well needed trip as I was starving and I managed to get my first Japanese convenience store donut since last year. Suffice to say I was pretty excited to eat donuts again as they are delicious. As I mentioned in my the little things I love about Japan post convenience stores are a really memorable part of my trips. We also bought other snacks like crisps, chocolate as well as food for breakfast. As we had an actual apartment with a working kitchen we decided to also grab some food that we could try to make ourselves. We got some cereal as well as some bread and these packs of melting cheese slices and my mum concocted some delicious makeshift cheese on toast using a frying pan. We had no idea if what we planned would work with what we had tools wise but it was very successful and I got to eat some delicious food after a long hour flight with no food. I was so happy in that moment.

The actual apartment was very small but it had everything we needed as the Japanese can fit a lot into a tiny space. The place had a kitchen, bathroom and a tiny bedroom with three single beds. Two beds were on the floor and one was a bunk bed over the top of the other two. I, of course took the bunk bed. I find little things like bunk beds exciting because I always think they make a place more different to just an average hotel so I was quite happy to see a bunk when we arrived. I also kept joking about rolling off the bunk bed in the night and falling into my parents sleeping below me. The bedroom also had this really low hanging main light so every time I wanted to get off and onto my bed I had to scramble around the light so I wouldn’t walk into it and break it. It was kind of annoying but also funny because we just kept making jokes about it being there. I ended up turning my bed into a little Den area which was super cosy. I grabbed some extra pillows to make it all snuggly and I felt super comfy getting under the duvet and watching YouTube on my phone. The only issue I really had with my bunk bed was if I wasn’t careful I would bang my head on the ceiling which happened a few times.

The view from our apartment balcony.

One of the streets which led to our apartment

I really loved the apartment we staying in as although it was small it was still so lovely. It was definitely one of my favourite forms of accommodation we have had in Japan and it’s something I’ll always remember. Galaxy Apartment reminded me of something you would see on websites like Air B&B. We had everything we needed there including three beds, a kitchen, fridge and freezer, shower, bath, toilet and even a washing machine. Overall it just felt very cosy and homely. Although the flight wasn’t fun I have to say that our first night in Japan went smoothly and I was just so incredibly happy to be back again.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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12 thoughts on “Nerdy Travels: Off to Osaka

  1. Nice pics! Everything looks cosy!

    I don’t really like flying either, I also tend to get motion sickness, which sucks. 😦 But headphones and Nirvana always help me through it, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Every so often I look at vacation apts in Tokyo and dream… Found one once with a Family Mart one block in one direction, a 7-11 one block in another, and a Denny’s a block in another – six blocks (IIRC) from Akihabara station. Paradise!

    I love to get apartments or suites when traveling. It’s nice to have someplace to be that isn’t also your bedroom and if you have a least a kitchenette you can make small meals and snacks. (Or have a place to stash doggie bags.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww haha that’s pretty awesome I must say! I love how convenience stores are everywhere! You just have to turn a corner and there is something there haha!

      I really enjoyed staying in an apartment! I’d only ever staying in hotel up until that point and it’s just so homely and nice! Yeah having a kitchenette was great! So much easy to a tiny hotel fridge when you want to store snacks and stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

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