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Nerdy Travels: Almost Homeless in Kyoto

This was another travel day on our trip. We said goodbye to Hiroshima in the morning and headed towards the station to Kyoto. This trip to Kyoto served as a stop over for us as we traveled over towards Hakone and up towards Fuji so we only stayed for one night. We hopped onto the Shinkansen once again and traveled back to Osaka before heading up to Kyoto. I once again fell fast asleep on the train thanks to the wonders of travel sickness medicine. After travelling on the Shinkansen few times I can safely say that it’s a very comfortable journey.

The ride over to Kyoto went smoothly. We got to the hotel which was right next to the station and then we ran into a snag. The hotel we originally booked went out of business so we were upgraded to another hotel through our travel agent. Unfortunately, when we arrived it turns out the booking got cancelled. We spent forever in the reception trying to work something out and eventually we ended up having to pay for the night. I remember having this niggling feeling before we arrived that something would happen with hotel and I was right. The staff who helped us were so lovely and patient with us which we appreciated whilst trying to sort of the problem. So for about an hour or so we were technically homeless in Japan which is kind of terrifying to think about.

After we finally sorted out a room and dropped off our stuff in the hotel we headed out into Kyoto to kill some time for the rest of the day. As we visited Kyoto last year we fortunately already had an idea of the area and where to find things. We headed down towards one of the main roads as one street in particular in Kyoto is full of shops. I, of course wandered over towards Animate and browsed in there for an hour or so. The animate had a little corner completely dedicated to Hakouki and had loads of merchandise, posters and cardboard cut outs.

I then headed to Village Vanguard which is next door to Animate and picked up some great finds. I found a copy of the Menhera-chan official fan book which I was thrilled about as I have seen it so many times on instagram and wanted my own copy. Village Vanguard has some great finds. The shop is almost like a never ending maze of things as there are so many corners and crevices packed with everything from manga to music. It’s seriously such a neat store and I recommend checking one out if you ever find one in Japan. I also wandered passed the cinema and saw a Gintama 2 poster which got me gawking like an idiot. I bet this movie would be so fun to see on big screens! The post also looked signed which I thought was super cool.

Kyoto street
A photo taken of the main street where many of the shops lie.
Kyoto tower by night.

Not a great deal happened on this day and after I did some shopping we just wandered around the shops until everything closed up. We then headed back to the hotel and crashed out and tried to forget the hotel fiasco.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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