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Japan Haul: Books and Doujins

I’m finally getting around to putting together some haul posts of some of the stuff I purchased whilst in Japan. I won’t lie when I say I bought a lot of stuff but I saved up all year in order to be able to go wild in Japan. I rarely ever buy anything for myself so this was my time to splurge and treat myself. I decided to split these hauls into small sections in order to break things up and keep things more organised and hopefully more readable.

Books and manga

I don’t tend to pick up a lot of books whilst in Japan due to the fact that I simply cannot read them so for the most part there is no point. This year however I picked up a few really cool finds.

Kanna Kamui.gif
Me with my goodies.

Whilst browsing a book store one day I came across this really neat find. It turns out that Japan has a whole book dedicated to Ita Bags. I flicked through and it just filled me with inspiration for my own bags as there are so many amazing submissions in here from people. The book also had a section about making things to had to your bag and even if I cannot read it there are some great photos in it to give me some ideas.

I mentioned this in my the worst typhoon in 25 Years post that I picked up a copy of Shounen Jump and later in the trip I ended up grabbing a second one for memories and collectors sake. Plus the second one I purchased had the final Gintama chapter in there for Shounen Jump before it moves over to another magazine so that sold me on buying another one.

I decided to pick up the Gintama 2 ‘Silver Memories’ live action book. I kept seeing it throughout the whole trip and regretted it whenever put it back on the shelf so the day we left I came across it in Book-off and decided to grab it. If I cannot watch the movie at least I can see photos and behind the scenes stuff in this book.

Doujinshi and Art books

Doujinshi is one of my favourite things to look at and purchase in Japan. I love browsing Toranoana and Melonbooks and seeing what gems I can find amongst all the smut. Here are some more amazing doujins to add to my collection.

I picked up this gorgeously haunting little doujin whilst in Hiroshima. I came across it in Toranoana and the art style really caught my eye.

I also found some Servamp doujins which I was thrill about. I didn’t even care if it was story based doujins which I couldn’t read, I just saw Servamp and instinctively grabbed them. They have some short stories in as well as a bunch of sketches.

Whilst browsing Village Vanguard I came across the official Menhera-chan fan book which I just had to have. I love Menhera-chan!

Whilst in Osaka I managed to find these beautiful My Hero Academia doujins which I knew I had to buy. I couldn’t believe I found fully coloured, not story based doujins for MHA. They are stunning. I love that there are so many amazing pieces of Deku, Kacchan and Todoroki.

It’s best girl!

I found this incredible Fullmetal Alchemist doujinshi which I was in awe of. It’s a hardback book and just looks so professional. It also came with some beautiful plastic cards which I’ll probably display in my room somewhere.

I picked up this gorgeous doujins of these two girls visiting shrines and other beautiful places. From what I can see it looks like many pieces feature Fushimi Imari shrine which is a beautiful spot in Kyoto.

Whilst browsing the PARK in Harajuku I noticed they had some doujins from independent artists. I had to grab one as the artwork is stunning and I love supporting artists.

Last year I picked up a doujin from an artist who I don’t know the name of unfortunately. This year I spotted two more of their books as the artwork is so unique and I recognised the style as soon as I saw it. I’m thrilled to own some more of their work.

I picked up Dreamy Girls as the artwork looked super adorable and I love all the bright colours.

I found this beautiful doujin. The colours and overall style really drew me in and I adore all the detail in these pieces.

FluffyXFluffy is another one I found because I saw Chino and knew I had to have it. I love Chino so much! They also had art for the platelets and I almost died of cuteness overload when I saw it.

My last doujinshi of this haul is this really interesting Fate on I found. I have still yet to watch the Fate series but I couldn’t resist this one. It actually looks like a real magazine with the characters inside it modelling fashion, advertising perfume and various other things. It’s just so unique!

I hope you enjoyed this book and doujinshi haul!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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7 thoughts on “Japan Haul: Books and Doujins

  1. “I picked up this gorgeous doujins of these two girls visiting shrines and other beautiful places.”

    The girl on the left is a ghost or spirit of some kind… That’s what the triangle thingy she has on her head means.

    Anyhow, great haul!

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  2. I’m studying abroad in Japan next year, and I’m pretty 99% of my purchases over there are going to be manga. Second hand manga is so cheap over there and it’s great!

    Liked by 1 person

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