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Japan Haul: Shounen Jump Exhibition

This is another instalment in my Japan hauls. I was fortunate enough to visit the third instalment of the Shounen Jump exhibition in Tokyo. At the end of the exhibit they had the shop with various goods relating to that particular instalment. I didn’t pick up a massive deal of stuff from this shop. I thought I’d drop a lot of money but most of the items there didn’t catch my attention. Without further ado here is what I purchased.

One of the first things I spotted and knew I had to grab was this really cool card collection folder. They had two different designs and I, of course got the one with Gintama on it. What else would you expect from me? Inside it has five shiny looking cards featuring Gintama, One Piece, Black Clover, Bleach and Naruto. I love exclusive merchandise so owning this gives me a great sense of pride as a collector.

Along with the card folder I picked up some trading cards for the exhibition too. The shop had two different sets. They had this collection which was the third and final instalment of the exhibit and they also had the second collection which was manga from the 90’s. I seriously considered buying a whole crate as that was a serious possibility in this store but in the end I settled on three packs. Each pack held four cards which displayed different manga from the exhibition.


I’m really pleased at the cards I got. Some of them I’m familiar with and a fan already and some I just recognised from the exhibition.

I grabbed the official catalog for the third instalment too. They had a scaled down version of the catalogue as well as this thicc boi. I decided for memories sake to grab this as it goes through every manga in the exhibit. It has photos of the work displayed there, information on each series and even some interviews with the mangaka. I was also thrilled to see that the book had English translations of everything. A great piece for my growing book collection.

This is a photo taken of the Assassination Classroom section of the exhibit. It was a really cool area and the life-size Koro-sensei’s face even changed colours!

I also found this little pin badge set which I could’t resist. I adore Sket Dance and was so excited and also very surprised to find anything Sket Dance related. I think these will probably be going on a jacket.

Last of all in this haul were these freebies included with our tickets. As we exited the exhibit and entered into the shop we handed our tickets over to some employees. They then gave us these packs in exchange for the tickets. My parents and I received one each and each contained an exclusive sticker.

I hope you guys enjoyed this haul!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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