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Nerdy Travels: Off to Tokyo

This was our final travel day for our trip for Japan which was from Fujiyoshida to Tokyo. We spent the morning getting ready and relaxing before we left for Tokyo. The owner of the house we were staying in wanted to come and meet us before we left so he came over later in the morning and we chatted with him. He made us all a cup of coffee from scratch using a coffee maker and gave us some of his favourite cookies.

He was a lovely guy who was named Kazuyoshi and we thoroughly enjoyed our time in his home. I was sad to leave such spacious accommodation. It was beautiful there. We left his house, waved goodbye and headed for Mt Fuji station.

Our coach ended up being delayed so it was really fun to stand out in the cold Fuji air and rain and wait for it. Can you taste the sarcasm right now? I shudder even now at the thought of standing in that cold, wet bus station.

Our coach finally arrived and we headed to Shinjuku station in Tokyo which took about two hours. We finally arrived at Shinjuku and hopped on the subway to head to Ikebukuro, where we were staying. Whilst in the station I realised how busy and fashion forward the capital is compared to everywhere else. After spending so much time in Japan on this trip I never really saw any super fashion forward people even in other cities.

We stayed at the Hotel Changtee which was the most minuscule hotel I think I have ever stayed in. It was strange going from the really posh and roomy places in Hakone and Fujiyoshida to a tiny room in Tokyo. And I mean it was tiny. I’m not one to feel claustrophobic or go crazy when staying in a hotel but this one in particular did make me feel a little crazy as there was just no room. I was practically falling over my parents in there.

We had futons again in this hotel. I’m not sure why but I don’t seem to be a very fussy sleeper but I will say that these futons were pretty damn hard to sleep on. Although the room wasn’t brilliant I have to say that the staff in the hotel were so helpful and lovely. A+ for staff is one positive at least. Minuscule hotels aside we decided to make the most of it and we headed out for food and wandered around the Ikebukuro area. I popped into the gigantic Animate there and managed to grab myself one of the giant tote style ita bags. After that we just wandered around and got to know the area a bit better.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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