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Nerdy Travels: Last Minute Goodbyes

This was our final day in Tokyo and Japan before we had to fly home. We had the whole day to do with as we pleased as the flight back home wasn’t until past midnight the next night. Our day started off quite slow and we decided it was best to pack up first before we did anything else. I really, really do not enjoy packing. At all. It sucks. I hate packing with a vengeance. I was panicking wondering if everything would fit into our rucksacks and thankfully everything did and we got them all packed and closed up. Just barely anyway.

I bought a stupid amount of stuff and I still don’t know how I got everything in and home safely. After the dreaded packing was over we decided to stay in the local area of Ikebukuro and we first headed over to Mister Donut which is one of my favourite places to eat. I love Mister Donut donuts!

This Mister Donut in particular is right around the corner from some of the best female otaku targeted stores. Since Ikeburkuro is known for it’s ‘otome road’ I cannot recommend it enough to those who are fans of more female targeted anime. Anything with cute boys and your bound to find it in heaps in this area! The stores I managed to visit on our last morning included Animate, K-books and Lashinbang.

One of my favourite things about this district is that I saw so many girls with ita bags there. I love ita bags and I love to see other people’s bags and see who their best boy or girl is. I saw more ita bags in this area than I did anywhere else, even Akihabara. At one point in the day I went off on my own for an hour or so to do my final bit of anime shopping. I did a lot of browsing in K-books and Lashinbang in particular. These two stores are a goldmine for all kinds of merchandise. Whilst wandering around these two stores I came across a some gems which I wasn’t expecting. I found a treasure trove of Lawless of Greed merchandise which was perfect for my Ita bag. I cannot express how happy I was to find more stuff to add to my bag. I hope to do a post about revamping it again soon.

The last stop shopping wise was Book-Off. Book-Off is a great place to find second hand goods for a good price. They have loads of books, manga, CD’s and DVD’s and video games. After shopping we headed back to the hotel and it was basically a waiting game  from that point until we got home. As the evening drew near we headed down to the Haneda airport to get our flight back home. After two flights over an almost 24 hour period we finally got home to cold, rainy Britain. After all that flying it was nice to be back in the comfort of my own home. I won’t lie when I say it’s an underwhelming experience to come home from such a beautiful and culturally different country. But hopefully in a couple years time I’ll be back in Japan again for more amazing experiences. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading about all my travels for this trip as I have loved reflecting back on it all and sharing it with you all!

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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