Hey, look it’s a series I started ages ago and has only just coming back. My bad, but it’s been a busy few months but I wanted to pick it up again and have some more fun with it. I decided to ask for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Because of this I have been thinking a lot about the games I want to play and also some of my favourite games from my childhood. I was a Nintendo kid and never really bought into anything else but Nintendo. Here are five of my favourite games for the Nintendo Wii which I was obsessed with!

5.Rabbids Go Home

Man, do I love the rabbids. I feel like the rabbids are like minions, you either love them or hate them. I love them and think that they are hilarious. I’m not sure what attracted me to playing Rabbids Go Home because I never played the Rayman games. Maybe the weird looking bunnies caught my eye and I ended up playing it constantly. The gameplay was really fun and the characters made me and my dad laugh. It may not be the greatest game of all time but it was a lot of fun.

4.Super Mario Galaxy

Since I have always been a Nintendo kid I, of course have always been a Mario kid too. I played so much Mario when I was a kid and Super Mario Galaxy has always been a strong favourite of mine. As someone who has always loved everything to do with space I automatically fell for this game. I loved the overall look of the game and I loved the little star characters like Lumas. Plus I always loved Rosalina as she was a cool space princess.

3.Wii Fit

Wii Fit was the only exercise I ever really did as a kid. For my ten year old self it was the best kind of exercise as it was actually fun with all the games you could play. I had the wii fit board and everything and I had a lot of fun putting all the hours I did into this game. I spent countless hours trying to do the yoga poses and I would always end up falling over. I doubt this game ever actually helped me to get fit but it was a lot of fun nonetheless.

2.New Super Mario Bros

Hey look, another Mario game. I’m surprised this list isn’t just filled with mario games as that’s a lot of what I played. I have really fond memories of playing this game when I got it for Christmas one year. I’ve always loved platform games especially the mario games. The graphics were great and although it wasn’t too hard to complete it was a staple for me.

1.Animal Crossing: Let’s Go To The City

My number one childhood video game has to be Animal Crossing. I played SOOOO much Animal Crossing as a child. I played a lot of Wild World on the DS and even some of the GameCube version. Let’s Go To The City (or City Folk depending where you live) was my main game to play. I spent countless hours playing it as no matter how much I played it I never got bored of it. This game is a sort of comfort for me. It brings me a warm sense of joy that I find hard to put into words. I wanted to unlock everything I could and it was one of the most purest games ever to cross my path. It’s such a cheerful and cosy game to play. As I have gotten older I have considered getting an Animal Crossing tattoo as it means so much to me. I stopped playing games for a number of years through my teens but with the PocketCamp apps release as well as the new Switch Game announcement I cannot wait to get back into playing in this beautiful world again.

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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