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My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie Review

Recently I went to see the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie in cinemas. As a big fan of the series I was pretty hyped when I heard that the film was coming to cinemas in the U.K. for a limited time. I managed to grab myself some tickets to the dubbed version of the screening and I dragged my dad down with me to see it (just kidding he was happy to come along and really enjoyed the film).

I have never seen any kind of anime film in cinemas before so I was incredibly excited to see one on the big screen. It was really strange to see something I have been a fan of for so long on the big screen. I have spent so much time invested in this series by watching it through a computer screen and now to see the characters and hear their voices in cinemas was just surreal for me. The cinema was pretty much full when the film started and everyone was just really happy and chilled. I saw so many people repping MHA mercy (myself included) and even a group of cosplayers came in which was incredible to see. I love seeing everyone’s passion for the series as it somehow makes things even more exciting.

My face during the entire movie honestly.

Overall the movie was awesome. The story was simple in plot line. All Might invites Deku to I Island, a man made island where all the best and brightest scientists work to develop new tech and research into quirks. All Might meets up with his old friend Dave Shield and his daughter Melissa. By a strange and wonderful coincidence all of Deku’s classmates also end up attending an expo on the island for one reason or another. Whilst it’s indeed questionable that all of them happen to also be there I’m not complaining as MHA wouldn’t be the same without the antics from class A. It was really fun to see each of the characters pop up in little clusters as I adore the character interaction between them all. The story developed into a typical Shonen plot line of the villains showing up and causing havoc on the island. Many of the pros are captured and it’s up to Deku, Melissa and his classmates to save the day. Whilst it’s nothing new in terms of story it was an incredible ride nonetheless.

The overall cinema experience really made me love this film. I probably love it more than I would if I just waited to watch it on DVD. I’ve never felt a sense of community whilst watching a film in a cinema before up until watching this movie. I think the anime community always has this really nice community feeling when it comes together in person as we all have something we feel so passionate about. During the film there were many comical moments and the whole theatre laughed and something about those moments just felt so nice. We all knew the jokes and the characters and it’s nice to be apart of something so special.

Overall rating: 8/10

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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9 thoughts on “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes Movie Review

  1. We’ve seen quite a few anime movies at the theater over the last two years, and it’s been awesome. But, interestingly enough, only Ordinal Scale and Two Heroes played to packed houses. There’s just something about a communal experience…

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