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A Tale of Four Ridiculous Princes (Dame X Prince Anime Caravan Review)

Genre: Comedy, reverse harem, romance, adventure

Rating: PG-13

Studio: Studio Flad

Episodes: 12

Available on: HIDIVE


Princess Ani is part of the royal family of Inako, a small kingdom in the middle of other countries who are thinking about the possibility of war. Ani is sent to help with the signing of a peace treaty between two other rivalling nations. Whilst visiting to help with the treaty she encounters the princes of the other countries who turn out to be a rather bizarre bunch.


I wasn’t sure what I was going into when starting DamePri. I have a love/hate relationship with the reverse harem scenario. I love the idea of reverse harems and series such as Ouran and Uta Pri are some of my all time favourites. However, I have always struggled with the element of the protagonists of the genre. They are often made to be bland, boring and have the brains the size of a garden pea so that the viewer can project themselves onto the character. As my brain isn’t wired that way I have always found the bland MC’s to be irksome as I always enjoy seeing a strong, independent women who can kick ass. Ani, the protagonist was a breath of fresh air for me. I genuinely liked her character as she didn’t slot into the boring archetype which I am so accustomed to seeing. Although she was a princess she was pretty savvy and smart with what she did. As she comes from a more humble kingdom she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty or speak her mind.

DamePri Anime Review.jpg

Ani knows how ridiculous each of the princes are  and instead of just swooning over each of them like her princess trope suggests she questions everything and constantly gives them the look of ‘what the hell is wrong with you people?’. I loved that part of her character and she held as her own personality instead of being flat and lifeless.

Each of the princes were truly something else. Seriously, they weren’t what I was expecting at all. Prince Narek is a self-obsessed narcissist who spends every waking moment trying to get the world to bask in his glory. Narek’s right hand man Vino, is a flirty ladies man who is obsessed with calling every female he crosses paths with (including the older ones) his ‘little flower’. Prince Ruze is basically an angel who his entire kingdom swoons over because of how angelic he is. His brother Prince Mare (my personal favourite) was an awkward, sun hating recluse who walked around with a puppet of his favourite character Kyuaran basically stuck to his hand.

Dame x Prince Anime Caravan Review
If this doesn’t sum the group up then I don’t know what will.

Having a range of rather ridiculous princes for Ani to choose from was fun. They didn’t take themselves too seriously and it often made scenarios more amusing. When things did get more series it was pleasant to see them shift to being more protective and chivalrous with Ani. As much as I love an independent women I do love to see a chivalrous side of a man, it’s cute.

Whilst Dame X Prince isn’t the greatest reverse harem of all time it was a lot of fun to watch. It was light hearted, funny and filled with a diverse cast of characters.

Overall rating: 7/10

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      1. Ani is actually a character I decided to look at in my 12 Days of Anime posts this year because she was a great character. Still, she needed a slightly stronger story for her to have any kind of lasting impact. Still fun though.

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