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Idols of the Undead (Zombieland Saga Review)

Genre: Music, idol, comedy, supernatural

Rating: R-17

Studio: MAPPA

Episodes: 12

Available on: Crunchyroll


After a tragic accident of being hit by an oncoming truck Sakura Minamoto wakes up in a eerie looking house and has no idea where she is. She then runs into some other girls within the house. Turns out they are all zombies who have been brought back from the dead in order to become a group of undead idols who can save Saga.


When I originally looked over this series on MAL before it aired I was expecting something completely different. The overview of this show when it first came up on MAL gave me little to no information. I believe the genres which they included insisted of supernatural and horror. The first key visual gave nothing away either so I think everyone except the creators had no idea what to expect or, like me expected the complete opposite of what I got.

Zombieland Saga Review
It’s not surprising that I thought this was going to take a horror route with visuals like this

The one thing I can say about watching Zombieland Saga for the first time is please, go into it blind. Hopefully for those reading this review you have already had your fair share of this series and so I cannot spoil the first time experience of watching the anime for you.

The opening scene to this anime made my jaw drop. Our main character Sakura runs excitedly out of her home and proceeds to get struck by a truck and dies. Whilst being his by said truck a heavy metal song plays whilst everything plays out in slow motion. It’s one of those rare moments in a series when the opening scene catches you so off guard that you just need more. The whole first episode in fact caught me off guard as Sakura wakes up to a group of crazy zombie girls who can move in ways that only the undead could. The fact that her zombie-self isn’t revealed to herself or the audience either until a little later in the episode was cleverly done as well. It made that moment of realisation more gut-wrenching as who would want to wake up and find out they are actually dead.

Zombieland Saga.gif

The overall progression of Zombieland Saga was thoroughly enjoyable. The fact that Franchouchou was made up of girls from different time periods and backgrounds was a very interesting twist. It’s important to have a diverse cast in order to make everyone shine especially in an idol anime. I loved seeing characters from the 80’s all the way back to the 1800’s interact and sing together with each other. Sakura was a likeable main character, she was cute and seeing her character go from her bubbly personality to her more negative side before she died gave more depth to her character. I enjoyed seeing the backstories of each of the girls and I enjoyed Saki’s and Lily’s the most. I love the tough, biker, gang girl personality of Saki and Lily’s backstory made me want to sob. I hope the series will get a second series so it can explore some of the other girls backstories as I hardly knew anything about character such as Yuugiri and Tae.

I need to know this girls backstory, ok?!

My only real criticism with this anime was the musical direction. The series started out strong and metal as hell before moving into a rap battle and I was hoping for a continuation of this more diverse theming. Whilst metal and idols have collided in the real world before with the likes of Babymetal and LadyBaby I have never seen it portrayed in anime up until this series aired. Whilst I was hoping for a more diverse and more hardcore version of idols I cannot say I disliked the music that was used as the anime progressed. It would have been nice to mix up the genre though and do more interesting takes on what these idols can do.

Head-banging zombie idols is the greatest thing

Also Tatsumi, he really grated on my nerves for most of the series. What started off as a comedically annoying character who likes to shout a little too often just became a real pain in the backside. I love Mamoru Miyano but I’m sad to say Tatsumi was incredibly irritating in this series.

Zombieland Saga is by far one of my favourite idol anime series I have watched so far. It was a fun and inventive twist on the genre and I do hope for another season in the future.

Overall rating: 8/10

Until next time thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great day!

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9 thoughts on “Idols of the Undead (Zombieland Saga Review)

  1. Thanks for the great review, I’ll put it on my to watch list ^^
    Looks like something I may be interested in, so far I’ve been caught up in a the busy-work life and haven’t had much time to sit and watch much anime but I did make time for Banana Fish the other day ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. I’m honestly surprised with myself that I haven’t watched this yet. From your review it sounds exactly up my alley since I love the new(er) genre of alt-idols in Japan (like Babymetal, Yanakoto Sono Mute, etc). I’ve seen a lot of positive love for this series, so I’ll have to give it a shot eventually! Thanks for writing up your thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just passing by to say Yamada Tae is best girl โค

    Also, I agree, Manager man got kinda grating, and I feel like they could have toned him down a lot more or introduced his deeper character moments a bit earlier.

    Though to be fair, I was never a big fan of Okabe in Stein's Gate

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I cannot argue with that, she is amazing!

      And right! That deeper character moment was really great but it was ruined by ho he behaved the rest of the time.

      I never minded Okabe and Iโ€™d take being stuck in a room with him over the manager any day haha xD

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  4. Thank you for making this review ^^ it’s on my watchlist but I have no idea how it would be. I’m just recently active with anime binge so I’m a bit picky because I haven’t much time hehe. It seems interesting, gonna check it any sooner~

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